Saturday, June 6, 2009

Traveling + Contest Updates + Blah, Blah, Blah.

First of all, I want to apologize that I have been lacking in blog writing - but it doesn't stop me from reading yours. There are so many giveaway and contests! I loved the contestants for Sarah's disney theme. I wanted to vote but I had a hard time just choosing one. :) I envy all the hands that created such beautiful art.

[I would love to be able to sleep in this position]

So I been having my lazy days, emphasize on the lazy. I been trying to go jogging with Mz. Chrissy but for the past week, we experienced some technical difficulty: the area was filled with scoops (Golly, they all have wondering eyes), it started to rain or the sun was going down early (bad for baby Ceejay) or simply, I just wanted to spend more time with the boyfriend. I am starting to enjoy the summer because we're reconnecting again - the semester was really harsh for the both of us. & Shout out to that boy ;) He has been taking good care of me lately - I haven't gotten paid yet and I am extremely broke. But he still gives me money & feeds my mouth. (Mind you, I'm very grateful)


Even though I was able to escort 10+ people around Boracay and Manila, I am darn sure that experience would be nothing compared to my trip to Japan. Like I inform other bloggers, I'll be leaving to Japan around the end of July. My boss was scaring me about how it's going to be hard to read the signs & how to get transportation from point A to B. What am I supposed to do? I really only know simple basic Japanese words such as hai. (No really, I'm not trying to make you laugh) And I really don't want to cancel my trip until I am more experienced, because I always wanted to go Japan since forever. (As much as I love the mother land, I want to experience new countries) I'm planning to go Singapore next year, and would really love to learn from this. =(

SOMEONE really needs to HELP me!

Should I just get a tour agent? What do you think?

~ Please share your traveling stories (outside of your country). I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to hear from you :)

Beauuuuuuuuty :)

Oh my! This is the MAIN reason why I want to go to Japan badly! I even swear to pack super light so I can have enough space in my luggage to take home with me. I'm going to have hello kitty orgasm! I can't waiiiiiiit!


I am very shocked that since my other entry, I now have 7 entries to my contest! & They are all very well. Every one of them have great contents to read about the Philippines & being a Filipina. And majority of them choose to do looks. So how am I suppose to pick a winner? Eeeeek.

I wanted to post the final prizes around this time, but I haven't gotten paid yet so it's not complete. I hate the whole UPSP price to ship to the Philippines - I have to have a certain limit of pounds. How much goodies can I possibly store in that little box? Yikes! I will have to be extra careful because the next size is more than $40.00. That's ridiculous! They should have a discount since Guam is just 3-4 hours away. I might as well send a balikbayan if it's going to be that expensive. (Sigh) But if it does go over that, I'll just pay for the fee & send it around July so I can add some things from Japan. That is if the winner is willing to wait. We'll just have to wait and see.


He is so adorable. I want to eat him up, Munch, Munch, Munch.
WATCH THIS* A cute, hilarious movie with a moral. Loveeee it.

"Drag me to hell"
PROS: To be honest, I'm not one to look at movies and declare "Wow, that movie should had won an oscar" or "what a stupid plot!", as a matter of fact, I don't even know how to spot a plot! To my opinion, if a movie did its job to make you cry, laugh, smile, or scared - it did its job. And with this movie, it was quite scary. The images and the thought of the devil trying to take you soul scared the hell out of me, BUT it made me laugh. Har, Har, Har. It was hilarious! (I don't think it was intended though)

Also, it's a great time to cuddle with the boyfriend! But I went with my best friend, which is just as great!

CONS: If you are one of those strict movie buffs, steer away from this. Wait for it to arrive on DVD.

The movie was so gross - especially the old lady! One of the ladies here on blogger should offer to give her a full on make over! Yeeeeeeck!

** This concludes my blog, incase my boss comes back and eat my head out! He's hella ranting around because we can't find the damn security guard! Oh well.


mzkrystall said...

cheysserrrrr..! finally an update!! sheezzz lol. well i havent gotten that blendiing sponge yet! lol. really? they sell the pink one on guam!? where at?!! & how much is it?!

about japan! omg ur so luckyy!! but i definately think u should get a tour agent! cuz i heard that too if you dont know much japanesse u will have a hard time going around. i even saw it on americans next top model! remember when they went to japan and they got lost LMAO.

and omg, i love that HK pic.. thats like HK HEAVEN!! lols

oh gosh i also think im going to have a hard time choosing the winners for my contest.. i dot know how im going to do it.. haha and daaang 40 bucks to send to the PI from guam!?!! it really isnt that far tho! holy cow! i hope when i do find winners for my contest it wont cost that much!! i cant imagine.. lols im also going to have 2 winners!! eeeccckk but its okay tho. lols

mzkrystall said...

20 buckss!! whoaaaaa! thats expensive. u bought it?! i couldve bought u the purple one here and send it to you. i heard it works the same.

about april leaving! hey its only a year, she probably might come back! hey your next travelling trip you should come here!

man, i also wish i can be there for ceejays christening! im so sadddd... and u guys are even getting a rooM! even more jelousss. lol... mikayla and ceejay was supposed to spend time together in their own rooms too! LMAOO jk!!

and whaaaattt!? whose bf are you trying to steal!? lol.. thats crazy. is it truuuue!? huh, cheysserrrr huh, huh tsk tsk.. lmao JK!! whoa there... its ok atleast you know it aint true

Marie. said...

Lucky you're going to Japan!!

UP was such a sad movie, everything about it was sad! Except maybe Doug lol!

I hate scary movies, so I probably wont see the last one you mentioned.

Chomsiri said...

girl where have you been! anyways, i think if you sleep in the penguin's position then you will break your neck one day! LOL. i would like to be able to do that in class but not like forever you know? :)

and OMG JAPAN! i wanna go to Japan one day! I've never been to a country where idk the language so my best advice is to go with someone who knows Japanese :P A friend of family would do!

i saw UP and it was such a good movie. the asian boy is so chubby i want to squeeze him!

also, the movie drag me to hell. when i saw the commercial and when i saw the old lady, i was like Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! I wont give her a make over! look at her! i wont even touch her :( LOL

Kym said...

awwww so jealous that you're going to japan!!! hehe! i've always wanted to go there! in terms of travelling stories..well, i've not really "travelled" to really foreign places BUT i did live in hong kong for 10 years and it wasn't really difficult at all...most places have things in both english and their home language. probably the only part that's hard would be like bargaining for sales and stuff.. but i'd imagine that people there can at least speak basic english like if you're lost or need help.

oh AND i loved UP! that chubby little asian kid just did it for me! hehehe!

Shobe said...

eeeki dont have my entry yet..i will have it by tomorrow.hehe.girl when i do my makeup at our house back when i still live with my mom she was used seeing me doing makeup when i dont have anything else to do,i still remember the time when she saw me wearing heavy makeup i went to the kitchen and she said "oh..yung sabon nasa banyo,maghihilamos ka na ba?" haha..she knew that after i did my makeup ill wash it off right away..My dad was making face though.=D..

donnarence said...

hello cheysser!! wow.. japan baby!! err.. i really don't know what to advise you with regard travelling.. i have not done that myself.. :S drag me to hell made me curious.. thanks for your thoughts might as well wait for dvds instead,, looking forward to your travel.. and lots of stories and pictures.. :D

*Nehs* said...

hi cutie.. the cabbage statement is really funny! :) soglad u liked the banner. thank you! :)

Shobe said...

hi CHEYSSER!!.hehe i entered your is the link pls visit it thanks i enjoy doing this.

Ida said...

wow, enjoy your trip to japan! :) i went to osaka and had no idea where to go heheh, i just wandered wherever. my sister and i even got lost on the subway hehe. didn't know it cost so much to ship from there to the phils! i want to watch drag me to hell...

Angie said...

Hi there! Just recently followed your blog. Your writing is very entertaining, I love it! :D

Up seems like such an adorable movie! I can't wait for it to reach the Philippines! Also, maybe a phrase book or a Japanese-to-English dictionary would help on your trip to Japan?

Blair said...

When I went to all those European countries, I was only armed with a map and the mercy of passerby's who hopefully spoke/understood English.

It might safer to have a tour guide or something. I'm sure you'll have fun in Japan!!

K said...

I suggest you either study some guide books on Japan and plan your trip well, or get a tour guide! Japan is super safe, but there's a lot to do! And it's super expensive, so it'll cost a lot unless you're organized!!! LOL

Shantee said...

Hey! i've been having my lazy days too! hehe
that was so funny about there's alot of scoops! lol!
Awww that's so sweet that your bf is taking good care of you! :)

Steph said...

oh wow! i worked for a Japanese organization for 2 years. was able to go there twice, assisting a group of 10 people (both trips). and i tell you its hard to go around the country if you don't know how to speak Japanese. better to get a tour agent. all the signs are in Japanese and a majority of the people there don't speak English. we only survived because my Japanese boss was good in english and he was with us the entire time. Once, we entered an electronics store and no one knew how to speak english! it was so hard to communicate. the sales clerks kept talking to us in japanese and we were just clueless. haha anyways, goodluck with your trip! :)

lindah said...

good lord! I think I just had a hello-gasm! LOL

I want to watch drag me to hell! But honestly, I hate looking at UGLY horror movie characters! They look so scary :( The Grudge didn't let me sleep for like EVER and she wasn't even ugly, just weird looking! LOL xD

♥KiMMiE said...

hey grl thank u for the sweet cmnt! ^_^

Karen said...

hey hunny;
finally an update yipppee :]
i loved that contest too it was so hard to pick one because all the girls did such a great job & some were SO talented, i cant wait to see whose the winner.

i dont think you should cancel; just relax girl :] this will be a new experience and you will learn a lot from it <3 japan is so beautiful i hope i can visit it later on in my future & the movie up was so adorable!! is it only me or did it make you cry just a little heheehe?

Anonymous said...

hiya! ooh goodness I wish I had a job so I could save up and travel!!
much love

Pop Champagne said...

cool photos! wowwww look at that hello kitty store.... And yeah I agree that only little can pull off the short pixie cut, I def can't! :D

Anonymous said...

LOl hehe HELLO KITTY!! in japan they have a hello kitty floor in a shop called Kiddyland near aoyama i think it was. hehe you should go there the whole place is full of cuteness!!
& i watch drag me to hell T__T the old lady is scary/freaky but the whole movie moved to fast & was kind of a let down, don't think it should've got 5 or 4 stars. hehehe.


Anonymous said...

Yay japan!! Oh and thanks for the movie reviews!

ChinkyGirLMeL said...

Woohooo! Japan is definitely one of the places to visit. I hope I get the chance to go sight seeing there one day. I'm a hello kitty fanatic!!!! Japan is the perfect place to find tons of hello kitty goodies.

Anonymous said...

Hahah, "hello kitty orgasm."