Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I should be the Queen of Rants; Meooow! [EDIT]

She said what!?

- I should be blogging about giveaways, awards or contests ... but I'm so damn lazy. I applaud those who are updated! & I love those, who put all the giveaways in one post so I won't have a hard time catching up. You're the best ;)

- Would it be wrong if I unfollow some people? [EDIT] I just think, there are some people who pretended that they want to be friends, but once you followed them... POOF* It's like they never visit your page anymore, or even comment back. Weeeeeh~[/EDIT]

- I watched Transformers yesterday. WORTH THE MONEY! But honestly, I am sick of hearing about how Megan Fox is so hot.

All the guys are inlove with her. Lesbians are inlove with her. Girls (who want to impress their boyfriends) are inlove with her. [EDIT] EVERYONE LOVES MEGAN FOX! [/EDIT] But come on, I am tired of hearing how hot she is - I get it! But what about the rest of the cast? Oh lala....

While all of you fight over her, I will settle for the captain! Yummy! Hahaha.

- I honestly think that 99.9% of the girls in blogger are richer than me. Where do you get the money for all the shopping and makeup? Woooooow!

- 10% of bloggers in the make up category are horrible at leaving comments.

* Great Haul!
* Wow! Nice makeup!

.... Heh, I won't comment you back with that kind of attitude.

[EDIT] Blair is right, it's better than negatives ones. BUT for example, you posted pictures of "cupcakes" for your dear, sick best-friend. You write a worthy blog about how you're worried and the person goes "yummy!" HAHAHA. Get what I mean? [/EDIT]

- I am more excited for New Moon to come out, than my own birthday. FML. Hahaha (:

- I hate it when Military guys come with the local woman to the hotel to have sex; they are so annoying obvious about it. What do you want me to do? Video tape it? Wait... actually, I wouldn't mind. I need the money.

- I hate it when people go up to me and go "You look sleepy!" Maybe cause I am? And by the way, what do you for a living?

- I really wish I could add pictures, but I really need to use the bathroom. I refuse to leave this on because my coworker might write something stupid. So therefore, I hate urinating.



Mrs.Zeus said...

I think its okay to un-follow, is it me??? lol

Anyways, I am love her too but somehow I think its over rated.
I have some of my lovely ladies that I am inlove with too.

And NO, Im not lesbian. lol

Marie. said...

Summer always makes me so sleepy and sluggish.

I really need to stop buying makeup cause I'm causing myself to go in debt and I have so much makeup I dont use! Online shopping is so easy, GRRR.

I'M SICK OF HEARING ABOUT MEGAN FOX TOO. Okay shes hot, we all get it. But seriously scrolling down my facebook page to see EVERY GUY has their status to "I want Megan Fox to have my babies" is just ANNOYING. She probably wouldnt even look twice at you. Get over it.

I'm more excited for New Moon than anything else this year hahaha. Its pretty sad but OMG @ the trailer!!!

I hate peeing in public bathrooms. But I have a weak bladder. Dammit.

mszcheysser said...

Haha @ Mrs. Zeus, I would never unfollow you! I'm shock that you would think so ;)

Jasmin said...

Ahhh.. You saw Transformers? I'm going to see it tonight. I'm so excited! hahha. Awww.. I know, I'm tired of hearing about her too. I love her though. She is beautiful, but her acting isn't. HAHA. I don't hate her, I love her, but yeahh.. You know? Ackkk.. So excited for new moon as well! Love rants. hahha!

*Nehs* said...

hi cheysser! thanks for the sweet comment! :D i'm so excited to see the rest of your contest entry!!

K said...

I've unfollowed some people recently... I hope it isn't me!

I'm going on a no-buy after I get back to Japan since I have a lot of stuff and I really want to get into using it!!!!

My biggest blogger rant is the people whose blogs make my browser crash... Not sure if it's the layout or the widgets, but a few of them make my browser crash... whether it's IE or Firefox!!!

Askmewhats said...

I'm off to see Transformers too! But not this week, it's definitely jampacked!

I am excited for New Moon coz the trailer is just wonderful!!!

Rants? I am not into comments that link up to their blogs for hits!!!

P.S. I HATE urinating too! I have a feeling I'll be having a kidney related sickness soon :( *knocks on wood*

Cupcake Couture said...

Honestly I didn't know WHO Megan Fox was until recently!! I seen her in a magazine stand and my boyfriend pointed her out and said "Everyone thinks she's so hot" And I was just like who is she???? And now all of a sudden, EVERYONE speaks of this Megan... To me, I don't think she's that great looking... But whatever...

My biggest blogger rant is going to have to be about every girl using MAC cosmetics, ya it is great don't get me wrong but um.... not everyone can afford a $14 eyeshadow!!! :( I'd like to see some variety!!

hahaha... love this entry though...


lindah said...

you could unfollow me if you would likke! lol, megan fox is HOTTER than that deceptakon! (however you spell that)

I might be one of that 99.9% because I don't have that many bills right now :)

I might be one of those horrible bloggers! :( LOLL

I think I love my job, it's a fun place to work most of the times :)

Golden said...

We have the same sentiment with regard to "unfollowing some people". This blogger follows my blog and I follow her blog too but I now want to stop following her blog. You know why? 'Coz I hate her sarcastic comments. She's such a nasty person.

Hubby's crazy over Megan Fox. To be honest with you, I so hate her 'coz I'm jealous of her. LOL.

I'm not rich and I don't own expensive makeups. Heck, I don't even own a single MAC.

Catherine said...

LOL girl, I hate urinating too. Always gets in the way of productivity!!

And hahaha, unfollow/follow whoever you want! It's your dashboard and your time. I also find one-time commenters with "Hey, I followed your blog, please visit mine" to be really obnoxious too. T_T; It is MY TIME, I will follow whoever the hell I want to read dammit, and if you write interesting material that I have thoughts on, then I will comment.

I think the whole business with followers and celebrating reaching some number of them is really silly too. I mean... I have ~70 but really, I know ~10 ladies who really take the time to read my blog and comment regularly. But whatever.

Hope you're in a better mood later, you grouch. =P

Steph said...

haha i think i get what you mean by others leaving comments like "great haul" or "nice makeup". its not wrong to comment such but sometimes people do miss the point of the blog entry.

oooh. i wana watch tranformers! too bad that's michael bay's last transformers. i heard that he's gonna turn it down if there'll be a part 3. anyways i think im guilty of thinking that megax fox is hot but at least im not too vocal about it LOL :)

*~kAy~* said...

i don't think it's wrong to unfollow ppl... it's ur choice to read what you want to read right? ;)

n nice.. I'm excited to hear that Transformers is a good movie.. I needa see it!!! <3

don't really care much for Megan Fox.. i like the motorcycle better :P

Pammy said...

it is okay to un-follow, dear. :)

i like the captain too. he is cute and sexy. ;) now i am more excited to see transformers. i like bumblebee. ^_^ and the female auto bot which is pink? ;D

Ida said...

i wanna see transformers already! and megan fox...yeah josh duhamel is hot too hehe. as for the shopping, i have 3 words: credit card debt! haha! i kinda censor my ranting on my blog :(

Fifi said...

Woah guess I'm the few people who's not inlove with Megan Fox? Hahaha I don't even know anything about her and/or her movies. I've never even seen Transformers and I don't plan to :p

and lol @ "I hate urinating"
I have a weak bladder too~
so yeah... :(

I enjoyed reading this post, Cheysser! Keep on ranting, it's fine by me, Your Highness! hahaha <3

*PS: I think it's fine to unfollow people, but that's just me && thank you for your comment about my contest entry. I think you did a great job as well on your entry:)

Shantee said...

hahahahhaaha omg cheysser u tell em girl! i hope its not me though your un-following... :(
Thats so true bout megan fox though
we all ready know she so f*cken hot but man i didnt watch part 2 n jim will though when its not that pack, suppose to watch it yeterday, but they were sold out...sux man! :(
And yes i can't wait to for New Moon to come out! YAY! hehe :)

Edna said...

When is your birthday? Did you know New Moon is coming out 2 days after my birthday!! That's the best birthday present ever!! :P

Shobe said...

i want to watch newmoon as well..but BLOOD first hehe

donnarence said...

wahahah,, nakakatawa ka talaga dear cheysser.. i could speak with you in our dialect naman di ba?? LOL at those saying nice makeup.. guilty ata ako dun.. minsan i can't seem to find the right words kaya yun na lang din sinasabi ko.. sa haul gusto ko sabihin minsan.. awww.. akin na lang.. hahahah.. i unfollow people pag iniisnab ako.. LOL mwah.. ikaw i will not unfollow you kasi you are so TRUE.. and i think that is the coolest.. waah.. mas excited ako sa transformers kesa sa new moon.. :D (the way i comment parang nakikipagchat lang ako sa iyo.. hihi mwah)

Jheneal said...

I had to un-follow a few people yesterday, because they just hadn't blogged in months. I only do it when it seems like they're not coming back.

So, yes it's perfectly fine to un-follow. I have a few followers, so I return their comments and check their blogs FIRST before anything else. (I lost you as a follower, could you re-follow please?)

And I think a lot of the bloggers work, hence the extra money to buy makeup. I'm a jobless college student, so I just buy what I can afford and that ain't MAC lol.

Janelle said...

Oops I haven't commented in a while. Hope you didn't un-follow me! I've been bad at commenting back on people's blogs lately. But I still try to keep up!

Hope you're feeling better after your rant. I've been in a ranting mood lately too hehe.

And ugh, Megan Fox is meehhhh.

Shopn'Chomp said...

I am still new to blogger politics but I can kinda see what you mean. :(

Sarah said...

Ugh I am so over the Megan Fox hype too, Yes she's hot, but come on is she the HOTTEST in the whole wide world, hardlyyyyy! But that's just me :)
OMG I hate it when people say "you look sleepy" too, the worst I have gotten was a "Ughh.. didn't get much sleep last night did you? You look tiredddd!"
And a friend of mine got "Oh you are looking more washed out than usual, are you tired?
TRANSLATION.. You look like shit!!!! Gee Thanks :P
LOL I could never bring myself to say that to someone!

Thanks for your comment!! I will tryyyy to have a nice time in Paris :P Take care sweetie :) Can't wait to catch up on your blog when I return!!!

KRYSTAL said...

megan fox, megan fox. blah blah blah goshhhhh they should all just shut the fuck up already! hahahah yeah that really irritates me too haha.

Anonymous said...

Yeah she is hot but youre right. People need to shut up. Especially guys, its not like they'll have a chance with her. AHAH!

Blair said...

LOL I purposely came back to this post because I feel bad about wanting to unfollow some people. My reasons are different from yours though. This comment can double for the things that I'm guilty of doing (or going to do) and as a rant hahaha