Saturday, July 25, 2009

Trip to Japan Update, HAULS with the BFF & other nonsense

Hmm. There are many things that I hate about myself as a blogger. Here are my blogger sins:
  • I do a terrible job with my "introduction" - yet again, why do I feel so pressured to perfect it?
  • Sometimes I mingle, Sometimes I don't.
  • I blog only once a week.
  • I read blogs, but feel too lazy to comment.
  • My blogs tend to be too wordy, and long.
What about you? Which sin do you suffer from? Go ahead & make one up :)


Just to update my ladies, I will be leaving to Japan on July 28! I am extremely, super duper excited. I seriously can not wait to see land other than Guam and the Philippines. But let me be honest with you, I been going through some problems with my trip.

01. Originally, my coworker gave me her prize for Japan Airlines. It was a Buy 1, Get 1 free certificate. So last June, my mom went to JAL and inquire about the price. We were supposed to pay $400. Recently? That jumped to $800. Blaaaaah!

02. My mom works for Hilton & we had reserved a room for Hilton Tokyo Bay. The Human Resources gave us, all these papers about the benefits of a Team Member. The rate was supposed to be $50.00 a night (indicated in all the paper works), but to make the story short, it is now $150.00 a night.

So I been stressing out with the HIGH chance of my trip, being cancelled. (Since I am mostly paying for the expenses for the trip) But with the Lord's grace, my mom offered to help me, and charged the remaining balance of the tickets and hotels on her credit card. And yes, I will be paying her back - nothing is free, mwhaha! For those who are wondering, I'm going with my brother.

For those who took the time to read my rant, thank you. You are the kind of blogger that I appreciate deeply. Please acknowledge so, by typing in the end of your comment, Hello Kitty is Love. I will be doing a quick giveaway, in my next entry. I promise :)


Don't you enjoy BFF time?

Her name is Stephanie & she's all the woman, that I would ever need. Mwhaha! Funny story is, we me through a mutual friend on the internet. I had the biggest bisexual crush for her. About 2 years later, by fate, we became school mates. Right away, we became the bestest friend! We even travelled to the Philippines together. She's my Canadian, and I'm her Filipino.

So we went to KMART & went crazy on the 40% discount on bras and panties! Woohoo. & I made other purchases as well.

Tresemme hair products! Stephanie recommended it & I saw them on a couple of blogger's post. ELF lippies and Rimmel eyeshadow/eyeliners. The small products are for my trip, bringing along the full version is a waste of space & money!

& the day before, we went to watch the ugly truth - which I totally recommend. And to the $1.50 store!

Plastic bags for my liquids, so I won't have any mess; incase of an accident. & Fake lashies! I finally learned how to successfully put them on. Haha.

A container where I can put all my gadgets and keys! I recommend this for those who tend to misplace their cellphones and keys.


So for the next couple of days, I will be staying home & preparing for my trip. I still need to clean my car and my room. Hmmm. When I come back, I need to start sending my packages to my contest and giveaway winners =]

I'm so ready! (Well, maybe not) I have a file folder, filled with information about Japan and a book with Japanese phrases for travelers.

It's finally going to happen!
3 more days!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

TAG: Most used products

Few days ago, I decided to plop on my big chair & check my bank accout. Results!? Let's just say, at this moment, my cards are held hostage in this pink, Hello Kitty jail.

This is just temporary. I really need to save for my trip to Japan, which is in less than 2 weeks! I plan on giving them to my boyfriend, for better results - but I keep forgetting. (No, not on purpose!) & I vowed to house arrest myself. Meaning? I'm staying inside the house, unless someone offers to treat me. (Mwhaha! Atleast I'm being honest)

So what's new!?
  • Successfully watched Harry Potter on the opening night. I waited in line since 07:30. It was hot and tiring, but totally worth it.
  • Finally watched The Proposal with the boyfriend. It was super funny! Loved it.
  • Recently, discovered an interest for Korean's movies! I just finished watching 200 Pounds of Beauty. Catch it on Youtube*

Few weeks ago, KRYSTAL tagged me. I had a fun time reading it, so I figured:

Fun time reading TAG + getting tagged = fun time doing tag!

I love this product! The smell is not strong nor is it oily, like other products. And plus, it does 95% of a job, well done.

As long as I can remember, my mom introduced me to Eskinol. Every night, she would clean my face and neck area - and when I got older, it became a routine that I continue to do so. Anyways, other than my face being dry, it helped me prevent pimples & I always feel clean with every use.

Mmm. I love how it feels on the skin & not only that, it smells good too. Go Dove!

Pear Glaze is not necessary, my favorite scent but I still love it! And also, whenever I tell my dad to buy lotion for me at the Naval Exchange, he buys bundle of this. But I don't have the heart to tell him, that he should get a variety of scents. This has been going on for 6 years, haha!

MOST USED NAIL POLISH: (Orly in White & Anna Sui in Red)
Usually, I would do french tip nails. I'm still learning how to master the arts in nail polishing. Anyways, with this way, the nails are looking fly in a quick amount of time ;)

I always make sure that the cat is fully grown, before cooking them. Message me for my favorite recipe. Aside from cat meat, I like to add egg - it adds more flavoring. In the picture, are some of the cats that I'm preparing for my next dish! ................. haha, just kidding! (Edit: Of course, I don't eat cats! Haha, it's just my twisted humor)

I tag anyone who wants to do this, so if you bored but have nothing to write about, this is the tag for you!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Harry Potter + Make up Mistakes & just some chatters!

Imagine yourself, saying this to your coworker:

Me: I noticed that you're day off on Tuesday, can we switch?
Her: What day?
Me: You can be dayoff tomorrow. (Saturday) Go clubbing with the other interns.
Her: Ok! Why do you watch to switch?
Me: So I can stand in line, to watch the first showing of Harry Potter on Midnight.

When my other coworker/bestfriend Marion heard, he was like "WTF? Laaaaame!" Haha, but honestly.. I love HARRY POTTER as much as the Twilight Saga. But I'm scared that the Human Resource/Front Office Manager's Assistant will notice the change of schedule, that I might be questioned. YIKES! Now how do I explain that?

Anyways, did any other Harry Potter's fans did the sorting hat online? After how many times of doing it, I am always sorted into one house...

SLYTHERIN! I'm actually, quite content with this house. There's too many good people in the world ;)


So Ladies, spill it... What are make up "booboos" did you commit over the years? I am pretty sure that everyone did not start playing with make up with a huge bang! So here are some of my examples, and I even did the liberty to humiliate myself with pictures!

01. Did I just get punched in the face?
- This was the days before I understood what a "brush" was. I would use the brush that would come w/ the palette from Covergirl/Revlon.. or any other drugstore's brand. I remember, my brother would see me & go "did someone punch you in your face?" Haha & another thing, I did not know anything about primers & how to blend, or just the simple fact of applying it evenly!

02. Creating a wing for my UNDER eyeliner.
- I can't believe, that I used to take such emo pictures! Did someone just steal my Hello Kitty Doll or something?

03. An eyeliner that doesn't even line!
- If you look closely, my eyeliner is a mess & you can see, the yucky mess on my upper lid! OMG!

So here you go, the "MAKE UP HISTORY" of Cheysser!
:] I would love to hear... but then again, I might be the only one who made sucha crime! Haha.


Last night, I went to the Carnival with the boyfriend. HE WON ME A PRIZE! A brand new bowl! But we believe it was fate, because when we were walking back to his car, I stepped on mud and yucky water! We used the bowl to get water from the drinking fountain, and to clean my feet! So he kept looking at the positive, riiiiight butthead? (He reads my blog)

If Butthead knew how to take a better picture, he wouldn't had to force himself more into the picture. Haha :) But I liked this one, so thats why I choose it! (Even though, it looks like, I'm falling off my seat) So it doesn't matter to me! Whee!

After shopping, carnival & movies... the eye shadow was still cooperating with me! (: And I'm finally learning how to put on falsies - well almost. I'm getting there! BTW: I watched Bruno and woo! LOVING THE PENISES! Mwhaha! They had to check our ID when we bought the ticket & checked our tickets twice! IT WAS THAT CRAZY! He totally brought it to a different level!


Wednesday, July 8, 2009

HAUL + Rina's gift + AWARD/TAG

Type, Backspace, Type, Backspace, Repeat. Oh Blogger, I hate thinking of how to start my blogger. Sometimes, I get really tired of doing greetings & blah, blah, blah... who actually reads that part, anyways?

How are you ladies? [Insert Haul/FOTD Image]
Readers: Wow! What a cute haul!

No one actually responses with a "Actually, I am doing quite fine, thank you." Agree? So from now on, I will smooth away from that. Whoopee~

Today, my auntie came home with a note from the Post Office that I got mail. RIGHT AWAY, I called Christamama to have lunch and to pick up my package. And when I got my hands on my package, I teared it open and the contents were exposed, even before I got to my car.

When Rina posted a blog about her creations of her piglets, I fell inlove. They are so cute! Long story short, she offered to send me one! And I was very quite delighted by her generosity and kindness! It's my first package from a lovely on blogger.

I named him Munchie & yes, it's a he. And isn't he adorable on his first photoshoot? Haha :)

& OMG! I was surprise that she added alot more stuff. She included a little towel, and inside the Hello Kitty bag was Jolly Ranchers! YUMMY! And even though we just met, she knows quite well that Hello Kitty makes me happy in every way ;)

*WHOOOOPEE!!!!!! =D Thank you so much for everything, especially the LANEIGE! I never seen one in person! And now, I get to actually sample it! Thank you very much Rina! I enjoyed your package! I will be sending you one sooooooon =] Especially now that I have your mailing address, yay!

After getting my package, we went to the mall to do alittle shopping. Can't do much, I gotta save :(

SMALLER VERSION OF OPI :) I wanted all the colors, but didn't want to spend $40.00 for the full size ones so I got the smaller ones $16.00! =D Not only does it make me happy, but my bank account too! Haha.

When I saw the Vaseline for the lips, I remembered Krystal's post about this product so I decided to buy it. & I haven't found it, anywhere else on Guam so I got it right away. Lol! And I got a tiny bottle for lotion, because I hate it when I put lotion in my bag and it leaks! ALWAYS HAPPENS, true story! I'm sucha klutz!


Thank you SHOP N' CHOMP for awarding/tagging me! You're so sweeeeet (:

Tell your readers 10 things about you that they may or may not know, but are true. Tag ten people with the award, and be sure to let them know they've been tagged (a quick comment on their blog will do). Don't forget to link back to the blogger who tagged you.

01. When I was younger, my family would notice that I would often be talking to the cats, as if they were human. Nothing surprising, since I still do it. I mean, everyone talks to their pets, but not in the way that I do..... Like I'm Eliza Thornberry or something! Google it, haha!
02. I have alot of books in my shelf that I have not read, I just want to look more "literature".
03. I love the smell of gasoline.
04. I want to get bitten by a shark on left arm and live to tell about it.
05. I think some of my girl friends think I'm a pervert, but really... I just like to admire good booty. :)
06. I never gone clubbing, heck, I don't even know how to dance. It's not worth the "Filipino drama"..
One day, I want to own a gay strip club. I'm not kidding.
08. I'm Filipino, and I can't sing for my life.
09. I don't charge my laptop until it reaches 5% low bat.
10. I love Jesus ALOT! He is my one and only Hero! But I am forever ashame of myself. =[

[EDIT] Regarding this, I just feel that my walk with Jesus could be better & that what I'm doing now, is not unacceptable. Waaaah~

I TAGG..........


AND YOU.... Sorry no links, I'm lazy & going to take a nap! Lols! LOVE YOU GUYS<3

Saturday, July 4, 2009

UPDATE :) & Things that I'm guilty about

How did you spend your holiday? I spent mine chowing on pancit and bbq at Christabel's house with Shantee. I didn't take any pictures since it was one of those days where I "dressed & go". When I arrived at the house, Shantee was all glamed up. Haha, eeee! Anyways, I been acting weird lately because I been having the whole "what am I doing with my life?" dilemma. It's not like I am lost or a bum; it's just that I believe that I can do so much better. And I am seriously getting tired of being hold down by Filipino's laws. I work graveyard shift & yet, when I am day off, I am still required to go home before midnight. Where is the fun in that? And it's not like I am a whiny, spoiled brat, I just want to enjoy being 19 year old. I can't really say much in my blog because I don't want people to respond with "that's too much information! my eyes!" so I'll end with that.

So anyways, I spent last Thursday's night with the Japanese Interns from my work. We went to carnival & I lost my money in gambling. Waaaaah* Looking at the bright side, I finally got to taste FUNNEL CAKE! Yummy! We had to leave early when they rode the Octupus's ride & they got really dizzy, haha. I was dizzy just by looking at them ride it. Yeck!

Kanako, Mayura & yours truly; I looked like a tour guide! Haha, or a lesbian nampa (Japanese hunter). I'm not even kidding. :(

FUNNEL CAKE! Added with icecream, mmm! It was huge though! So they helped me eat it, thanks! Haha.

So anyways, since I am at work, I don't have the resource to do tags. & I am quite lazy to do giveaways. And honestly, I have not done any shopping for more than a week. So instead, I am going to do what I do best ... RANT BLOGGING :) well not really.


01. When I am lazy, I would tell Christabel to get ready for jogging - thing is, we did not go jogging. Instead, we went to the mall to have dinner & shop around. I know, OMG! But some days, I just feel like dressing up and leaving the house. It's so much easier and when anyone ask, I will simply say, "We just came from jogging." No questions needed ;)

02. I love to read news about Murder or Rape. I am a newly, hardcore addict to AOL News. They post the good stuff. And I enjoy watching shows, such as, Cold Files. And I used to read stories about different kind of murderers - TRUE ONES! But the website that I read it from, changed their layout. My boyfriend thinks I'm weird, but thank God, my BFF shares the same interest as me. And when I am bored, I would tell people the stories that I read. I know this is bad, but I can't help it. Sometimes, I think I should just major in Criminal Justice.

[Do not read, if you are sensitive to sexual material]
03. Most of the time when I work, I work with guys - & the security guard, always catches people have sex. And honestly, I am a peeping tom, as well. One time, I hide somewhere so I can watch this couple get it on. They were under the sheets though, and I got so bored so I left. HAHA! Lame. And we once got a complain, that the guest next door was too loud. When the security guard checked, they were having sex, LOUD SEX! How are we supposed to handle that? "Sir, you and your girlfriend are too loud. Please lower your voices, or stop having sex." HAHAHAHA!

So what are you guilty about? PLEASE SHARE! I would love to know :) And please, don't give me something corny like "Sometimes, I forget to wear eyeliner with my eyeshadow". Give me something juicy ;)

Friday, July 3, 2009


After 4 days of voting & receiving feedback from other judges, it finally has come to an end. The winner is based on how many points, she has gotten from my rubric. Don't know what I'm talking about? Click here! So who, got what award?

Voter's choice: Kessa Thea

WOW! That was a close one, huh? :)

Pinay Pride: Nehs

Not only has she successfully included all the symbols of the Philippines' flag on her art, but in her blog, you will be able to find a "Proudly Pinay Blog" section along with the flag & the FOTD that she did for my contest.


1st place winner!

With a total of 50 points, Donnarence is the grand winner of my contest. She received points for being one of the judges' choice, best make up & scoring 2nd place in content.

I loved how she was detailed in her content with the values of being a Filipino & stereotypes that represent the Filipinos. And who doesn't enjoy the look that she did? I don't need to explain that ;)

2nd place winner!

With a total of 45 points, Chrissy is my second place winner. She received points for being one of the judge's choice, most creative, and achieving 1st place in content.

In her entry, you will find drawn pictures for her content. She did "stereotypes that represent Filipinos". I am a sucker for laughs, and that is exactly what her entry did for me. She did a wearable look, and the nails were killer beautiful ;)


Donnarence, these are your prizes :)

And other mini goodies, that I will add. :)

But since you did a look, you get a grand prize that I promised in my announcement. You have a choice:

Palette from Coastal Scent or a gift from my trip to Japan.

BUT, you will get it in August when my family goes to the Philippines. [Confirmed :) They have their tickets already] I am not too sure, but I think this method is better since it will be ship within the Philippines. Is there a fee to receive it? And perhaps, shipping could be faster & safer.

Or, I can ship it now & I will just include a surprise gift.

Chrissy, I will ship your prize when my family arrives in the Philippines. I will be sending you Rimmel Products that you wanted, along with some surprises.

Please send me your mailing addresses to: mszcheysser at hotmail dot com :)

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Contest Update, yet again.

No winner yet*

Thank you to the ladies who helped me find the last 3 contestants for my contest. Golly; I am so embarassed beyond words. So to be fair to the rest of the contestants, I am not going to post the winners until Saturday (July 4). So everyone can change their vote. (:

And I haven't been in the mood to be blogging and mingling, so don't mind my sorta-ish absence. I just need to sort out some issues in my personal life, right now. I'll be back before you know it. Toodles! :)