Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Herstory of Cheysser

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So when I saw MZKRYSTAL's entry for KETMANY's giveaway, I toooootally had to join. What do you have to do? All you have to do is basically, talk about yourself. Everyone loves doing that! I mean, who doesn't? Don't deny it! So you should join the giveaway too. Don't forget to inform Ketmany & me too, I want to read it also! I'm a nosey bugger. Lol.

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Have fun ladies :)

So here is my entry, it's going to be LONG and PICTURE HEAVY! Sorry ladies, but enjooooy!


I was in private school for all of my 4 years. For the first 2 years, I attended a Christian School. But I was really bad. I remember my GPA being under 2.0. Who gets that!? My personality in the past was more energetic and outgoing, I was voted COMEDY QUEEN! & then I started messing with razor blades and had itchy fingers - got trouble in the law and was shipped to the Philippines!

@ the school's bathroom. (Trinity Christian School) I loved our uniform. People would come to us with questions like "where did you buy your skirts?" That is so dumb! Yeah, Yeah.... it just happens that me and my friends love to dress alike.

For those in the Philippines, I was a PAULINIAN! I attended my Junior Year at St. Paul :) At the beginning, it was torture because I was so lonely. (Even though it was a English speaking school, everyone still spoke in Tagalog) But eventually, I fell inlove with the place & it changed my life FOREVER!

I moved back to Guam, because of Summer Love. WRONG DECISION! We broke up because he found out that he has a son from another woman. As much I should curse the heavens, it was fate - or else, I wouldn't had met the love of my life.

I met him on MYSPACE, haha! We been together since December 11, 2006. At the beginning, he gave me a hard time but now, we had grown so much from our relationship & I'm so happy. He loves every piece of me - even when I'm grumpy & silly. Most of all, he is very supportive of my ambitions. Alot of people tease that we will be next to get married & start a family, but to be honest, we would probably be one of the lasts and he accepts that :) Not because I'm unsure, but because, he knows that I want to live our lives before combining them together.

In 2007, I graduated from Trinity Christian School. I loved my graduation & all my fans that came to watch me do the walk.


In 2008, Trinity hired me to work for them. I was IT Manager's assistant - I'm good with computers & really fast with the keyboard. (90WPM) Right away, I was asked to assist the Senior Advisor. (And I ended up, doing most of the work) We were able to spend 2 weeks in Boracay and Manila, Philippines. They didn't need to spend a dime - & we still had extra for pocket money, banana boats and jet skiing. I'm just that good of a leader ;)

After graduation, I got laid off. It was so bad, ladies. I was broke for 5 months - & I even had several debts to pay. When I finally got a job at ROGH, I revisited the school and they begged me to work for them again. They needed help with the Seniors and I simply said no. All I needed was my pride back :D

In present time, I work as a Front Desk (Graveyard,F/T) at Royal Orchid. & Let me tell you, if you're perverted, this is the shift for you! I seen and heard couples having sex. And one time, while delivering towels, a old naked man opened the door. Yuck :( I seen NAMPAS (Japanese Hunters) come back to the hotel with 2-3 girls in their arms. And so much mooooore!

I used to aim to be a Web-Designer, but I decided to be a Secondary Education Major. I am greatly interested in History and Political Science - and I swear that I would make it interesting. I can talk forever about these woman: Marie Antoinette, Georgina (Duchess of Devonshire), Anne Boleyn, and Cleopatra. Not only that, I absolutely adore and admire Alexander the Great. If I was given the chance, I would research more about Adolf Hitler (I don't support him in any way) and Egypt. & Most of all, my biggest dorkiest dream is to see the White House in person. Am I boring you yet?

As years go by, I become a stronger and wiser person. I am very straight edge, I no longer paint the town red. I don't go clubbing or ever smoked pot. I am very independent (DebTfReeEeE!) & ambitious. I am a just simple gal who loves to watch movies & go shopping. I don't know about you, but I wouldn't have it any other way.

Next Mission? Kill the batman. (LOL!)

There you have it, the HERstory of mszCHEYSSER.


Mrs.Zeus said...

Awwww HS years!
Trinity, where? Cute photos!!!
Comedy queen, I could totally see it and Im betting youre well deserved!!!

Crystal said...

thank you for sharing so much of yourself!

Dana Yoshimizu said...

Thank you for sharing such personal information with us all <3

Anonymous said...

"Where did you buy that skirt" hahahaha! So where do you live now? In Guam?

Eden said...

hi cheysser, it's my first time to visit your blog.. representin' PI over at guam, really cool:) it's good to discover your blog.. and awww. looks to me like you and boyf are really happy.:) all the best, and ill be looking forward to your upcoming posts!:) hope you could visit my site as well.:)

much love


Sharlene A [X3MZSHAR] said...

that studio group picture, someones had was on your right boob ahaha!

donnarence said...

i love reading your story cheysser.. :D funny with graveyard shift thing at the hotel.. LOL.. hahaha wait,, you are born/raised in guam?? or phils?? mwaahhhhh

Blair said...

Thank you for sharing a bit of your life with us! LOL at the perverted work comment at Royal Orchid

Anonymous said...

woah 90wpm omgosh hassler lol and yeah i recognize that uniform St Paul Pasig hee hee lapit samin nun..

wow you met on myspace ?! oh well not really surprise here. marami na case na ganun! goodluck to both of you!!

Rin said...

Wow, I can't believe you guys met on Myspace! And your job sounds sooo awkward! I liked reading your story, very interesting... Thanks for sharing!

~tHiAmErE~ said...


its so nice to know things about you..

my elementary school uniform is almost the same with st paul too (my school is also paulinian..except that we have a bow instead of a tie

mszcheysser said...

@ Sharlene,

It's my bestfriend Stephanie's hand. I'm not surprise that it's there. Hahahaha!

Rai said...

This is great! Everything happens for a reason. You and your bf are so cute together. Seems like you got a good one. (:


lindah said...

I met mine on myspace too! Well, technically at a party & the temple but I didn't talk much to him there... LOL xD I used to be the same as youuu! I was a BAD girl :X

Kym said...

thanks for sharing your story!!! :) good for you and your bf for deciding to live your lives first, its so important! :) oh and i used to work at the front desk for about 4 years too... CRAZY stories right?!?!? haha!

ChinkyGirLMeL said...

Awww so you and your boyfriend have been together since 2006? Woohoo...Congrats with that. Now a days it's really hard to keep a long lasting relationship. kudos to you guys. =)

Pop Champagne said...

wow so interesting to read! I wanted to be a web designer too, but then I saw a few of my friends doing it and they didn't really go anywhere and I got discouraged lol!

and thank you thank you THANK YOU fot letting me know that the link didn't work, I just fixed it :)

*Nehs* said...

thank you too Cheysser! <333


KRYSTAL said...

hahah i was one of those people who liked trinity skirts!! lolll.. i had one just like it but i bought it at papaya!! hahah

and no, your not boring me cheysser!! i wanna see the white house in person toOoO! lol

i love your life story!

rae630 said...

You should write a book about working at the hotel. I'd read it! hehehe.

becky said...

wow your life story is very cool and interesting.

Chomsiri said...

thanks for sharing your story! didnt know you went to a private school!

Shopn'Chomp said...

hiya! :) thanks for following! love ur wallpaper. my cup collection isn't that big. almost ten but it's just me and the hubby so it seems like a

Steph said...

wow this was a nice post (eventhough its a giveaway entry lol) :) LOL @ the graveyard shift thing. hehe and also, my cousin who is now in the states also graduated from st. paul pasig :)

Shantee said...

I layered my hair. hehe
I'll show more pictures later.
Cuz my other camera is not workin... :( but newayz i have a back up one..just needa get a pro adapter..