Tuesday, June 23, 2009

"Pinoy Ako Contest" judging guidelines :)


My contest for my Philippines followers is coming to an end in 5 days! At the moment, I have 10 lovely ladies who participate. So if you're thinking of joining, please submit your entry by 12:01 am of the 30th of June.

How is judging?

I (Cheysser), Christabel (Mz.Chrissy), the boyfriend, & lastly, YOU!

How does the judging work?

Brace yourself ladies, I came up with my own judging system... so please try to understand.

Most Creative: 5 points
Best Pinoy Pride: 5 points
Best Content: 10 points (3rd place), 20 points (2nd place), 30 points (1st place)
Best Make up (Eye, Face, e.t.c): 20 points
Christabel's choice: 10 points
Ariel's choice: 10 points
Voter's choice: 20 points

TOTAL: 100 points - go ahead and do your calculation ;)

- If the winner included a look along with their content, there is a grand prize. She will have a choice of the following:
  • A gift from my trip in Japan - Hello Kitty, Japan's beauty merchandise, what's not to love? :)
  • A eyeshadow/blush palette from Coastal Scent - shipping is on me.

ALTHOUGH... The package will not be sent until August where I will be able to send my package through LBC. If you do not want this method, I will include a different prize and send it in July. Let me know, when you win.

- Please pay attention to this message: DON'T GET MAD.. that the content portion is higher. I made it clear to include CONTENT & to add facts - but so far, I am very sastified w/ everyone. It was very educating :)

- Voters will VOTE by poll. They will choose by who had the best look and which was the most educational. I want their choice to be a secret, so I will not allow anyone to write it down in my comment section.



Blair said...

LOL at these comments:
* Great Haul!
* Wow! Nice makeup!

Seriously, these are lovely comments, and they are >>>>>>>>>>>> better than those haters out there =)

Oh wow, Josh Duhamel is so CUTE/HANDSOME!!!

You're not the only one! I'm too poor to haul a lot too hahaha

rhaindropz said...

can i join??? =)

Golden said...

I wish I could participate in this contest but I can't. Hehe. I really don't know how to apply makeup. *sigh*

donnarence said...

weeh,, ang tagal ng entry ko.. centuries in the making... LOL.. hirap ng school cheysser but i am sure to join.. mwah i love the judging factor!!haha

Anonymous said...

haha ang lupet!!! but that's good idea!

KRYSTAL said...

"dont get mad" lmao. ;]

woo i like how your judging works! i think i should do that on my next contests!