Thursday, April 30, 2009

Just like a myspace bulletin.

what is your current obsession?
With no doubt - Ebay and Blogging. I always wondered what my best friend was doing on Ebay. She would get all excited when she won her Twilight Merchandise. Haha, and now I know! And blogging, mmm. I always read peoples' blog and I just decided to start my own on blogger - I have a different kind of blog on my myspace. I loved reading IYAH and KIMBERLY TIA's blogs - I guess thats how I got addicted in the first place. Haha :)

what is your weirdest obsession?
Dante Basco - the Filipino/American actor. Boy, oh boy, if you just knew ;)


Hear me losing my mind at

What are you wearing today?

Hello Kitty Pajamas and a white shirt - I should be sleeping soon.

What's your favorite comfort food?
Icrecream. Chocolate. Cake, Velvet cake - especially the one at work. BFF's cookies. So many other sweets - blaaaaah, I love it. :)

What would make today special?
If I see the boyfriend today - but he's working. And when he's out of work, I start my graveyard shift. Whoopee!

What would you like to learn to do?
Numerous things: I would love to learn how to do Geometry, learn how to put make up like a professional, on how to not to screw up at work; e.t.c

What's the last thing you bought?
LA Nail Colors from Ebay, and a skim board for Marion.

What are you listening to right now?
The television.

What is your favorite weather?
When I am at home, I love it when it rains. But when I'm out and about, I like it sunny.

What is your most challenging goal right now?
Easy. Trying to survive this semester - trying to stay on the dean's list & I need to finish paying for it. And to stop getting yelled at work. So tiring already! It's so mentally exhausting, that I wake up while I am sleeping. Realllllly =(

What do you think about the person who tagged you?
Krystal? Ha. She's alright, just kidddddding! Haha. She's bad ass! Am I allowed to say that on blogger? But being real, I think she's adorable and funnnnnay.

If you could swap lives with anyone for one day who would it be and why?
Angelina Jolie - I want to have sex with Brad Pitt, have big lips and have alot kids! MWHAHA :)

If you could go anywhere in the world for the next hour, where would you go?
HA! I only have one hour to get ready?

Which language do you want to learn?
Japanese - so I would understand what the guests are getting mad about. TAGALOG, I'm taking class right now so I can learn how to write it.

Who do you want to meet in person?
Barack Obama! 100% Sure!

If you had $100 now what would you spend it on?
Spend it on my mother's day gift. :)

Favorite designer?
I don't wear designer clothes - dude, I shop at Ross. As long as it looks good, then I'm cool.

Do you admire anyone's style?

Anyone, anywhere - really.

Describe your personal style:
It really depends on the day. When I feel like, dressing up and I'm not tired - I usually wear jeans, dressy shirts or dresses. Then usually with accessories, and make up :)

But when I'm lazy, I usually find the easiest jeans/slacks to wear with a comfortable shirt. When I am out of time, I just fix my hair by doing either a poof with pony tail or pig tails.

What's your favorite ice cream flavor?

What is your favorite makeup brand?
I really do love all kinds of make up, I'm not prejudice. Haha, as long as it doesn't melt or break on me then I'm all happy.

What makeup do you use alot?
Clinique powder and my benefit eye shadows. It's my on the go make up.

Do you get enough beauty sleep? yes or no?
Yes. My mom would not let me go out when she knows that I won't be able to get 7-8 hours of sleep before work. Haha. And when she sees me sleepy at work, she likes to lecture me in front of our coworkers - yeah, she works at the cafe at the same hotel as me. Haha, it's embarrassing. But it's okay! I get free food. Shhh!


Why did you start your (beauty) blog?
I wanted to comment the ladies and then I realized, that I wanted to befriend them too :)

I'm tagging....

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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Trying to catch up.


It almost been a week since I had been on here - felt like forever. It's almost the end of the semester, so everyone is hustling to get the grade right now. And other than that, I been getting more hours from work. Which is all good, anything to get the money ;)

In between all the chaos, I lost my mind during my break at school. Bwhahaha :) When I think about it now, it's hilarious. I was losing it in my boyfriend's car, crying and crying that I might not end up in the Dean's list. Whaaaaaat!? I need to loosen up, for real. Can't wait for the summer! YAAAAAY!

My boyfriend works at gamestop, and he got me the game Deal or No Deal for Wii. I love it. I get so excited winning money - until my older sister won the $1,000,000.


Wouldn't it be so great to play this game in person? If I already hit the 100 grand mark, I'll say Deal in a heart beat. No need to get greedy.

Last Saturday, me and the best friend watched Obsession. The girl fight was insane! Loved it. And we went around the mall, looking for some goodies. And oh! I also scheduled the both of us for the Clinique Makeover 5 minute thing that it's promoting. Just come to it and free make up! Haha. I don't mind ;)


Haul: Earrings from Macys, big sale.
OPI/Orly Nail Polishes from the OPI Shop.
Earrings were $2.00!


My packages from Ebay finally came - and even the Ped Egg!


Opened it and found:
  • Hello Kitty Wallet.
  • Hello Kitty Digital Camera - don't like it. I'm just going to give it to my niece.
  • Urban Decay Primer Potion, my first one.
Not from Ebay:
  • Tinker Bell Trash Can. I found it at work along with Banana Chips and Dry Mango. Gave that to my coworkers.
  • Orly French Manicure and Yellow Beaded Earrings from the OPI Shop.
Since I'm out of the school for the week, I'm going to be doing cleaning and studying and catching up with everyone blooooogs! Yaaaaay! :D

But for now, I'm going to be watching "The Fresh Prince of Belair". I love Will Smith!

Friday, April 24, 2009

NYX Lip Gloss Swatches - and Random update :)

You know what I hate about blogging? I hate thinking about how I should do my introduction. I don't know. I feel so bothered when it doesn't start right - I think I been doing waaaay too much essay papers. Haha.

Anyways, I am starting to get better from my flu. Even though I felt super sick, I forced myself to work. I really need the money to pay off the last payment to my Tuition. And I hate it when my (bestfriend/coworker) Marion gets a higher paycheck than me, and then brags. Haha. So child-ish, I know. We yell at each other, every time we open our paycheck. (Although mine is direct deposit, yay.) So anyways, because I was sick, I looked like I been to hell and back. While I'm checking out guests, I would sometimes tear. They would freak out! And then they would start talking to me in fast Japanese - and I don't understand! Haha. I just try to signal to them that I'm sick.

A Japanese man gave us a gift. It was mochi. Really good too. I offered some to the restaurant next to us, and they ended up eating it all. My mom took three - Yes, I work at the same hotel as my mom. Another gift that we got was from a old Japanese man, he gave us the complimentary water in the room. LOL! It's the thought that counts, right?

The Mochi. I like the packaging. :)

Today, I had training at work but me and Marion showed up 30 minutes late. When we arrived, my boss said it was canceled because no one showed up. Ohhhh! And then he lectured us that traffic was not a valid excuse - which its not. I just really wanted to sleep in more, and I told Marion to be late with me. Haha! Bossing told us to go eat at the restaurants - 20% off Tony Romas, and Capri! Guamies know what I'm talking about ;) So we just decided to go Kmart and look around for stuff. So I bought make up, yaaaaay! I bought the Revlon, Self Adhesive. I heard good things about this product, so I wanted to try it out since I am so bad putting on fakies. But the price is a bit too bleh. =/

So Riza asked if I can do some swatches on the Nyx Lipglosses that I bought. I was not able to do all of them because I didn't know it would be so hard to take picture of your lips! REALLY. Haha. Or do I really need to get a new camera? Don't mind the ones with my mouth open! :)


Lastly, I am quite addicted to Ebay - thanks to my bestfriend for promoting it to me. Haha! And it's so fun, getting packages in the mail. My brother was getting jealous, so I got him Ped Egg. LMAO!! Few days ago, I got my "I drive like a Cullen" sticker. Which is true, cause I drive too fast and crazy - PS: I drive a Ford Escape! THATS BIG. Haha! I wish I gotten a smaller car, oh well. Can't complain ;) And I don't mind sticking it on the back of my car, my brother already put his large ass "Guam Police Department" sticker. Blah. But I don't get pulled over or get a ticket, so I don't mind!


Look how brown the grass and dirt is! I wasn't kidding when I told you that it was hot here on the island!

Sorry, that the blog is quite long! Hahaha (: Thanks for reading. Adiooooos! Bai! Sayoonara! Aloha! Sige na! Shoots! Ciao!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Make up collection

I'm baaaack!

Today is my day off but I'm really sick. I have the flu - & I hate blowing my nose, twice blood came out, yuck. I haven't gotten sick for over a year, and it's a really weird feeling. Because I am sick, Dr. Mom told me to stay in my room and don't talk on the phone. (How is that even relevant? Haha!)

So anyways, the glamorous Mz. Shar tagged me to do two things: What's in your purse and Make up Collection. I'll do the other one, another time. Right now, I just use my big Roxy bag for school and work. I don't have time to transfer from purse to purse. And I hardly go out now, because the semester is closing and I'm trying to maintain my status in the Dean's list. Super hard. I am wondering if my stress contributed to me being sick. :( Sometimes, I feel like quitting my job so I can concentrate on my studies, but I really want to continue helping my parents with some part of my tuition and expenses.

Anyways, my collection is still growing. You'll notice that I have more drug store brands, but slowly going to the real deal. When I discovered Aubrey (Fafinette) from Youtube, thats when I started collecting! But remember before, when she mainly did tutorials on Cover girl, Jesse girl, and NYX? Yeaaaah! Haha.

Make up storage on the first floor.
I keep my brushes in a Hello Kitty container.

Lippies: Elf, Covergirl, NYX, Benefit, Clinique, MAC, Dior E.t.c

It's like my NYX are the security guards. Lol!

Face: I love Clinique! :)

I had items from Benefit but I ran out so I threw it away.

Eye liners, Eye brow, Eye lash Curler, Mascara


I have the manly 120 color.
I haven't purchase the C/S palettes yet, since I'm still playing with this one.
Oh, and I dropped it once thats why it has the sign! Haha.

Align Right

Hello world, say hello to the rejects.

Inside my make up bag..
I learned my lesson to not put a lot of make up in my bag on Guam. They freakin melt from the heat! BLAAAAAAH.

Anyways, thanks for viewing!
And now that I have a blog, You and I can watch it grow!

So I'm going to tag: Shantee (Get a blog, girlfriend. Yes, I'm calling you out HERE!), Julie, Chrissy, and Mrs. Zeus & anyone else, who wants to do it!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

It's FRIDAY! :)


What are your plans? As for me, I'm going to rest and sleep. I need to do my demonstrative speech for Communications, Editorial Paper for English (which the English Major boyfriend will help), and study for my Tagalog's exam. And today, I have to drive back to work for training. HUM BUG! But I am still thinking positive because Sunday, I'm day off. Woohoo!

So last Tuesday, my auntie came back from the Philippines. My grandma sent me gifts! Awww, she misses me (: She got me loads of Head bands with ribbons. Every color for every outfit. & a Hello Kitty bag. I used it to bring baon (food from home) to work. Yay. And she also included some breads from Goldilocks, which I consumed so fast that I wasn't able to take pictures of it.

And my mom went to Kmart and bought me duckies - so cute (:

Last Monday, I went to buy books during my lunch break with the boyfriend. I never been to Hafa Books, so it was my first time. And I got me three books, including Sex and the city. Haha! I just wanted to see what was the background of the series. It's actually quite interesting-ish. I still need to read the other two books. Soon, but I keep falling asleep at work. Haha! ZzZzz.

No make up haul. I'm already broke. Pay day isn't until Wednesday. Hmph.

Sooo... Excuse me, I'm going to mingle around now.


7 Random things about me

With nothing to do at work, I decided to do "7 Random Facts" that Mrs. Zeus posted on her blog.

1. I tend to bottle up my frustration with people. I try my best to avoid confrontation and arguments. But once, I am angry, it's like Bam-BAM-BAM! I can be physically and verbally abusive. It's really bad. And thank God, my best friend is a straight up bitch. (The good kind, refer to Cosmopolitian) Whenever we go out, and services are bad, she'll handle the situation for me. We made a complain about the employees at Wendys. She left her number, and I left them my boyfriend's number. Hek Hek Hek.

2. I am addicted to stress - I go insane when I am not stressed out. Does that even make sense? If I don't feel stressed out for more than a week, I go into depression. It's so stupid. I get all clingy to my boyfriend & I would cry in my bed because I am so bored with my life. I haven't done this in almost than a year, so...

3. I think calling other hotels in Guam is Hilarious. Just a few hours ago, we did that again: We asked Nikko Hotel if they were haunted. Grand Plaza was getting mad at us, the Chinese man was not able to understand us. (I kept annoying him about Military rate). At the Fiesta Hotel, we asked if there is any gay Front Desk clerks. We called another hotel, and um, the guy was gay. Haha. That was funny. Some other hotels (cough, Outrigger) left us waiting on the phone line when we were looking for someone. Whateeeeeeever! Nice background music though, lol.

4. I used to be a Kleptomaniac. And I got caught. That was a fun ride.

5. When I was in High School, I was dumb as fuck. Until my mom sent me to the Philippines to straighten my life, because I was heading to the wrong path. AND IT DID! School was from 7-4pm. I was a Paulinians! Holla sisters ;) But obviously, I moved back to Guam. And now I'm a full time Employee & Honor Student. - IT DID WORK. lol.

6. Years and years, I realized that even though guys are easy to get along with, girls are the REAL best-friends that I'll ever need. I have 4 girl best friends, and it has been like that for years. For guys? I hate it. It's a tiring job, trying to keep the relationship at a best-friend level. They are so lazy. If you don't talk for weeks, it's all good for them. Excuse after Excuse. But Marion Alden is fun - he's easy to talk and play with! (He's the one, I do prank calls with) And we can eat and laugh @ people, all we want. And take poops right after another. And go racing to see who reaches our village first, and I always win by the way. Ford Escape FTW! (: So I'm pretty content for now.

7. I like to watch old comedy shows like - Everybody loves Raymond, Seinfield, King of Queens. I don't really watch Gossip Girl, OTH, or the OC.. or anything like that, I get too lazy. It's hard for me to follow.

So I'm tagging..


Sunday, April 12, 2009

What is in your eggs? ;)


What are your plans for the day? As for me, I was not able to go hunting for eggs or had lunch or anything - I just spent it sleeping. I am very nocturnal because I work graveyard. And today is my day off, so I slept in. Waaaaah. & Last Christmas, I accidentally slept the whole day. I made the mistake of locking my door, so no one was able to wake me up. I woke up and it was already December 26. Haha, that was super weird. I saw my cellphone & I received alot of missed phone calls from my bf. We were supposed to spend the day together, opps. Anyways, point is: Working graveyard sucks.

Last week, my package from NYX finally came in mail. It took about 2 weeks to arrive. Supppppper long, right? Haha. Bet you're more grateful for your faster shipping. Anyways, last month, NYX had this huge sale. I was able to get the pallete and lip glosses for $22 - and shipping was already included! It was like a package/bundle kind of deal. Woohoo~ I love sales.

Yesterday, I watched OBSERVE & REPORT with Stephanie. I love, love Seth Rogen! The movie was hilarious. I was laughing throughout the whole thing. And for those who are wondering, if the movie copied "Mall Cop", uhm, I don't think so. The only thing that is common between the two movies is the whole "Security Guard wanting to be a cop" kind of thing. Other than that, you'll enjoy a new story.

RATING: I would give this movie 4/5 stars. & oh yeah, you'll enjoy the last 15 minutes. Haha!


After movies, we went to Macys*. After applying for the card for the 159871597 time, I visited the Clinique booth & got me some goodies. I was looking for a concealer to hide the ugly dark circles under my eyes, but the lady suggested that I "all about eyes". If I bought it solo, it would had been $22, but she suggested that I get the bundle. The bundle cost $32.00. Not only did it came with the same amount of cream, it came with a brush, lip stick, lip gloss, eye shadow pallete and make up bag. So I was sold! Haha, and she threw in a free sample of the make up remover. Yay!

So now, I am going to enjoy the last day of SPRING BREAK. I shall continue wasting studying time by bidding on ebay, myspacing, mingling with bloggers, & by also, watching loads and loads of DVDS.

Oh yeah
, thank you to everyone who welcomed me on blogger!

Peace out and love,

Thursday, April 9, 2009

My first blog :)

Please welcome me! :D On April 10, 2009, mszCHEYSSER finally moves to Blogspot!

For those who don't know me, I usually write random interestings blogs on my myspace. But some people been requesting/suggesting that I start writing here! So here I am, just for them bitches. Haha, just kidding! I really do love blogspots. I love reading other people's blog, especially those on the makeup stream. Now I get to comment them. Woo! :) And I would and will always love blogging.

But as a newbie, I have alot of work to do. Waaaaaaah.

I need to make a layout. Start mingling around with other bloggers, I guess. Haha. & errr, make my first real blog, but for now, let me formally introduce myself to you ;)

My name is Cheysser. Yeah, it's unique. I don't know how I got my name. I have alot of theories. I think I was named after a Chaser. You know, what you take with alcohol. Or that I was named after a stripper. HAHA! But anyways, I love my name. I love my name so much that I got it tattoo'd on my wrist. For real. And I sorta want one more. It won't be so hard to identify my body if someone kills me and throws me in the river. *KNOCK ON WOOD.

I am from the island of Guam. Super small. If you didn't know, we are a U.S Territory. We are the "tip" of the spear. Meaning! If some countries wants to attack, we're in first. Gaaaah! But either way, I love it here. Even though we don't have a Target or Walmart. Grrr. Haha! :) And other information could be found in my "About me". You'll learn more information about me, along the way! YAAAAY!

AND OH YES, I love make up. One of the main reasons why I decided to join blog spot. I am looking forward to meet new friends from all the world.