Tuesday, June 30, 2009


First of all,

I apologize to SHOBE & CRYSTAL, GALE I must admit, I was very disorganize with how I handled my contestants' entries. I am very sorry.

Sorry, Sorry, Sorry, Sorry, Sorry
Sorry, Sorry, Sorry, Sorry, Sorry!
Sorry, Sorry, Sorry, Sorry, Sorry!
Sorry, Sorry, Sorry, Sorry, Sorry!

For future bloggers, who plan on hosting a giveway/contest, here are tips:

  • Make sure that the contestants COMMENT the main giveaway blog. *Having it all scattered, is so confusing. Think you are going to remember who joined? THINK AGAIN!
  • Another way, (tip from Krystal) is to copy the links and save it onto a notepad.
  • If you're not a dumbwit like me, I am sure you'll do just fine :)


Look? Colors from the Philippines' flag but kept it to simple, as to the Filipina's look

Content? 5 things that she enjoys about being a Filipino

Jewelry case only found in our country, this can be found in the province of Bicol.


Included in her blog: How she did her make up, and what she used.

Content? 5 things that she loves about being a Filipina, 5 things about being a Filipina, 5 values that she keeps, 5 stereotypes and a celebrity that she admires.

12. GALE

Inspiration? Nationalistic look ;)

What's included in her blog? In her blog, you are able to find the 5 values that she keeps as a Filipina and her favorite celebrity....

Her father. :)


Shobe said...

haha its ok cheysser.=D

rhaindropz said...

huhu.. still no vote for the rhaindropz (poor me)hehehe =) =) =)

Andhari said...

Oh wow I love how SHobe put on make ups :)

Crystal said...

haha it's ok. btw, you forgot one more entry from gale. galelovescolors.blogspot.com

Pop Champagne said...

heh yeah that happened to 2 of my entries too... Hosting a contest is more work than I thought!!

♥ Kendall ♥ said...

Aww, live & learn right! Thanks for the future contest tips :)
All of the entries were beautifully done.