Tuesday, June 30, 2009


First of all,

I apologize to SHOBE & CRYSTAL, GALE I must admit, I was very disorganize with how I handled my contestants' entries. I am very sorry.

Sorry, Sorry, Sorry, Sorry, Sorry
Sorry, Sorry, Sorry, Sorry, Sorry!
Sorry, Sorry, Sorry, Sorry, Sorry!
Sorry, Sorry, Sorry, Sorry, Sorry!

For future bloggers, who plan on hosting a giveway/contest, here are tips:

  • Make sure that the contestants COMMENT the main giveaway blog. *Having it all scattered, is so confusing. Think you are going to remember who joined? THINK AGAIN!
  • Another way, (tip from Krystal) is to copy the links and save it onto a notepad.
  • If you're not a dumbwit like me, I am sure you'll do just fine :)


Look? Colors from the Philippines' flag but kept it to simple, as to the Filipina's look

Content? 5 things that she enjoys about being a Filipino

Jewelry case only found in our country, this can be found in the province of Bicol.


Included in her blog: How she did her make up, and what she used.

Content? 5 things that she loves about being a Filipina, 5 things about being a Filipina, 5 values that she keeps, 5 stereotypes and a celebrity that she admires.

12. GALE

Inspiration? Nationalistic look ;)

What's included in her blog? In her blog, you are able to find the 5 values that she keeps as a Filipina and her favorite celebrity....

Her father. :)

Monday, June 29, 2009


IMPORTANT NEWS! I did a count down while receiving my entries & received 12 entries. When I was preparing it for this post, I only came down to 9. HUH? I read through all the old comments after I announce the giveaway and I found no other contestant. IF THIS IS YOU, I apologize and please let me know, as soon as possible. Please don't hate, just contact me, and we will solve the problem. Anyways, for those who successfully got their entry in...

WOW! After waiting for more than a month, my contest finally has come to an end. & I am asking for everyone to vote for their favorite - I will be posting a poll on the right side. You can vote for the content or the look. Have fun learning about our country, the Philippines.

So *drum roll please... here are the contestants! Click on their name to read more! PS: I tried my best, to avoid having it picture heavy as possible. So please give the contestants' justice and check their page ;)


Her inspiration? Halo, Halo! Yummy!
Content: 5 facts about being Filipino *Pictures included

"You are filipino if you are addicted to friendster hehe.. do i need to explain this lol.. in most recent research there are 5 million filipino users around the world ! :P .."


Content: She wrote about a Filipino Celebrity that she admires. She choose no other than the 3rd sexiest man in the world (true story), Dingdong Dantes. Other than that, you can find 5 values that Filipinas have & 5 facts that she loves about being a Filipina. *Pictures included.


"A typical Filipina look" ;)
5 things that she enjoys about being a Filipina, her favorite celebrity & a trivia! *Pictures included.

BAYANIHAN - Filipinos are innately helpful and I enjoy that in so many ways. You need not worry when you move to a new house, any one of your friends would be more than willing to help you out. In provinces where houses are not made of concrete, neighbors and friends literally help you out move a house from one place to another.


Inspiration? Flag's colors.
Content? 5 things about being a Filipina. You are Filipino if.. *Pictures included

You eat balut - undeveloped duck egg. (Yuck; haha)


Inspiration? The flag's colors of the Philippines.

Other than a look, she came up with a design for her nails!

Content? 11 stereotypes that represent Filipinos. She did the images, by herself & they are hilarious. Take a look! *Pictures included.

06. IDA

Content? 5 stereotypes about Filipinos that apply to her. *Pictures included.

"I use a tabo. A tabo is something that is used in the bathroom, during baths or whatever else. When I went on vacations in other countries, sure the bathrooms there had bathtubs, showers, and even bidets, but I still missed my tabo badly!"


Inspiration? Philippines' flag & the country! It's on her right cheek.

Content? Values that she keep as a Filipino & stereotypes about being Filipino. *Pictures included.

Fair skin is beautiful.
I believe that we are the whitening capital of the world.. LOL Honestly, women and some men are so obsessed with having fair skin. I am also guilty of this. This brought about the papaya soap craze and the current glutathione fad. Tsk Tsk.. Other nationality are dying to have our color while we are dying to have theirs. LOL

08. NEHS

Inspiration? Flag colors of the Philippines
Content? 5 things about being a Filipino *Pictures included

Us Filipino's love to send text messages, I heard we're the Text Capital of the World. 80% of the population 15 years old above own a cellphone. It's part of our daily life, the cheapest way to communicate.


Inspiration: Star on the Philippines' flag & the colors.
Contents? A story of her being a Filipina. *Pictures included.

"I represent my country with pride and I stand with dignity even if I am just 5 feet tall."

SO START VOTING ;) Contest voting/judging will end on June 2, 2009!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

4 in 1 BLOG; Reminder, Survey, Awards & Giveaways!

Just a reminder to my ladies in the Philippines;

You only have less than 8 hours to join my contest. *Guam & the Philippines are only 2 hours apart. Once it is midnight, I will no longer accept entries. Thank you to everyone who joined! I will post the entries and poll soon after.

Incase you are interesting but is a new follower, check this blog:


I wasn't tagged or anything, but I found this on Krystal's page so why nooooot? If you haven't done this yet, well I tag you, Pokemon!

1. Things you cannot leave the house without:
Having clothes on. Haha, duuuuh! But seriously, I lost my license & have no money. So who needs my wallet? Lately, I just been driving people around. Waaaah, I can't wait for payday. Haha :)

2. Favourite brand of Make Up:
I actually don't have a favorite. Thank you for asking!

3. Favourite flower:
I love Orchids and Sunflowers. Roses are overrated.

4. Favourite clothing store:

Who doesn't love bargain shopping? I love Ross.

5. Favourite perfume:
Escada *I don't have the name, someone stole it from my room. Grrr!

6. Heels or Flats:
I love how Heels look but flats are so comfortable to wear & they're more of a best-friend when I am running late for class. Haha;

7. Do you make good grades:
Yes until last semester. It's not easy balancing a job & going to school - I got out of the Dean's list. *Heart breaks.

8. Favourite colours:
Pink, Red and Purple. Mmmm;

9. Do you drink energy drinks:
I love drinking Jolt. It taste like regular orange soda, but whew! I feel like the energizer bunny when I drink it.

10. Do you drink juice:
Yes! Mmm.

11. Do you like swimming:
I do, I really do. I live on an island, the beach is 15 minutes away! But I hate the sun. Because I live in a Filipino's family, they nag on me when I get darker. *Sigh.

12. Do you eat fries with a fork:
Whaaat!? That's too much! "Excuse me Miss, I ordered fries. Where is my fork?" SO SNOBBISH! Imagine asking that @ Wendys.

13. Favourite moisturiser:

14. Do you want to get married later on in life:
Yes. I wouldn't be in a relationship, if I had no intentions to get married. But not right now - I have alot of goals to accomplish.

15. Do you get mad easily:
Yes. Waaaaaaah, can't you tell? I do blogs about rants! But actually, I'm really friendly in person. I am more of a ticking bomb; once it explodes... WHEEEEW!

16. Are you into ghost hunting:
NO! I get enough of that at work. Other than, does anyone remember FEAR from MTV? If I was cast into that show, I think I'm going to cry... haha!

17. Any phobias -
Going down stairs. *No problem going up; Walking on a bridge. Dying without being accomplish. Calling 911. Blood.

18. Do you bite your nails:

19. Have you ever had a near death experience:
At the beach (strong current) & when I tried to.... Anyways, want a cookie? :)

20. Do you drink coffee -
Not straight up coffee, I love Frappes more.


Yes, I know I am horrible with this whole "awards" thing so I am finally attending to the matter. Here are the latest awards that I received:

These are all from Linda. Thank you dear ;)

So I will be awarding the awards, to the following:


I would add more, but whew* linking back, is so tiring.


Happy birthday to MC! It was recently her birthday & she's doing a giveaway :)

The contest ends on July 4! So check her page, if you're interested or to greet her a belated happy birthday. :)

Click! Click! Click! Click!
Click! Click! Click! Click!
Click! Click! Click! Click!
Click! Click! Click! Click!

Crystal's giveaway

This contest is only open to her readers from the Philippines. (Lol, I'm cheating - I'm sending it to my house in the Philippines)

For more information about her giveaway, visit her webpage:

Woooow. This is a long entry & that's the cue for me to split like a banana. I'm watching the tribute to Micheal Jackson on CNN. *Sigh;

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Guess who's back? Back again..

Cheysser back, tell a friend ;)

Haha. Exaggerating much? But really, even though it has only been 2 days; there is a lot of catching up to do. Yikes!

So anyways, my weekend was fun. Not only did I have a great time but I am broke - so is the boyfriend. Don't you love the empty feeling in the wallet? We spent the weekend at a hotel, they had a great promo. $99.00 for 2 nights! At first, I thought it would be ghetto but when we arrived, it blew my expectations away. On Saturday, we went to the Christening of my God-son. I didn't take as much pictures, as I wanted to though. Oh well. I'll steal off other people, haha.

The bed was decorated with throw pillows & had a separate area with a sink, microwave and a kick back area. The best part was the big, flat screen television. It was relaxing time :)

When we were checking out, there was a sign that said "Front Desk, call House-keeping before guest departs. Have them check the room." Apparently, past guests been stealing the throw pillows. Haha! It made me laugh, because it reminded me of my family. If the Hilton had that policy, *Sigh, I don't even know what to say. Haha; When I was younger, we would stay at the Hilton for a few days. When we would leave, my mom would make me carry bags of junk. What was in them? Glasses, Blankets, Towels, Toothbrushes, SLIPPERS! It was so silly. It was not like we were poor or anything, we just shipped them to the Philippines right after. (Ok, maybe not all) I guess it's a Filipino's thing - check out Happy Slip's videos!

The lovely Shantee & I - She's a Godmother/Auntie too. She sang at the Christening! Eyyyy! It was her first time performing. She'll be posting a video of her performance soon. And when she does, make sure to check it out, mkkkkay!

@ the church. The Priest fell asleep, hahaha!

My God-son with his dad, Carlo. He got caked, soooo cute. (:

I would upload and edit more pictures, but I don't want to stall your computer. Don't want that to happen; Anyways, just wanted to share a piece of my adventures of this weekend with you ladies. I need to start unpacking, clean my room & get updated on everyone's blog.

PS: 2 more days until my contest ends! :)

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Rest in Peace, Micheal Jackson

When I was driving home today from work, I was listening to the radio when I heard a horrific news, Micheal Jackson passed away at the age of 50 years old. I am so shock! And even though, I did not know him personally, I am in a mourning state. :( He is a HUGE influence in my taste in music; until now.. I would rather listen to him than the music of today. & I am so sadden by the news. I just hope the media would respect his passing, without trying to bring any negativity into the situation.

He has gone through so much & hope now, he would find peace with the Lord. *Sigh;

Rest in Peace, King of Pop.

Here is a HUGE rant for you; The man just passed away. Please have some respect. Some people are putting on their Myspaces/Twitters "Now, I can stop hiding" and such. You found the wrong time to make some humor. Do you think this makes you cool? Didn't you mamas teach you better than that? I don't know about you, but if I died, I wouldn't want people pointing out the negative parts about me. Get yourself straight, & yes, I am talking about you! Get some respect.

Getting some business done; Giveaways + Update

Woohoo! After the long wait, my God-son's Christening is on Saturday. FINALLY! Haha. We're also staying a hotel - so I will be back on Sunday. Yes, I'm going to be blogger less for 3 days. *Gaaah; How will I survive? No really, I'm not kidding.


- I covered my windows with Twilight Posters. It's getting HOTTER on Guam, and I work Graveyard so I sleep during the daytime. I wake up to my own sweat! Yuck! But even my own aircon can't defeat the heat. & Yes, I have curtains.. but Mr. Sunshine still finds a way into my room.
- Thanks to everyone who enjoyed my last rant, not only do I appreciate that you enjoyed my post but I loved reading YOUR rant. I'm not alone after all, haha!

I wonder when I will finally get to win a giveaway! I would probably be a winner when everyone wins and one person, would finally think "that Cheysser girl never wins, I'll choose her". Haha, just kidddddding!

Flyaway Jewelry is having a giveaway!

1. You must be a follower of this blog
.2. You must make a blog post about the giveaway linking back to this page (so you MUST have a blog).
3. You must comment on this post with the link to your blog entry.
4. If you win, we are asking that you take a picture of yourself modeling your prize and post it on your blog.

Pretty simple, right? So try your luck, and you might win a prize! :)

My Sweet Fix's giveaway!

For more information, look at this link:

I suggest looking at the link, so you would have a more idea of the rules and prizes! ALSO, If you are a new follower, make sure to link me :) Haha. (Shameless Advertisement)

to those who gave me awards, I will attend to those soon!
04 more days until my contest ends!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I should be the Queen of Rants; Meooow! [EDIT]

She said what!?

- I should be blogging about giveaways, awards or contests ... but I'm so damn lazy. I applaud those who are updated! & I love those, who put all the giveaways in one post so I won't have a hard time catching up. You're the best ;)

- Would it be wrong if I unfollow some people? [EDIT] I just think, there are some people who pretended that they want to be friends, but once you followed them... POOF* It's like they never visit your page anymore, or even comment back. Weeeeeh~[/EDIT]

- I watched Transformers yesterday. WORTH THE MONEY! But honestly, I am sick of hearing about how Megan Fox is so hot.

All the guys are inlove with her. Lesbians are inlove with her. Girls (who want to impress their boyfriends) are inlove with her. [EDIT] EVERYONE LOVES MEGAN FOX! [/EDIT] But come on, I am tired of hearing how hot she is - I get it! But what about the rest of the cast? Oh lala....

While all of you fight over her, I will settle for the captain! Yummy! Hahaha.

- I honestly think that 99.9% of the girls in blogger are richer than me. Where do you get the money for all the shopping and makeup? Woooooow!

- 10% of bloggers in the make up category are horrible at leaving comments.

* Great Haul!
* Wow! Nice makeup!

.... Heh, I won't comment you back with that kind of attitude.

[EDIT] Blair is right, it's better than negatives ones. BUT for example, you posted pictures of "cupcakes" for your dear, sick best-friend. You write a worthy blog about how you're worried and the person goes "yummy!" HAHAHA. Get what I mean? [/EDIT]

- I am more excited for New Moon to come out, than my own birthday. FML. Hahaha (:

- I hate it when Military guys come with the local woman to the hotel to have sex; they are so annoying obvious about it. What do you want me to do? Video tape it? Wait... actually, I wouldn't mind. I need the money.

- I hate it when people go up to me and go "You look sleepy!" Maybe cause I am? And by the way, what do you for a living?

- I really wish I could add pictures, but I really need to use the bathroom. I refuse to leave this on because my coworker might write something stupid. So therefore, I hate urinating.


Tuesday, June 23, 2009

"Pinoy Ako Contest" judging guidelines :)


My contest for my Philippines followers is coming to an end in 5 days! At the moment, I have 10 lovely ladies who participate. So if you're thinking of joining, please submit your entry by 12:01 am of the 30th of June.

How is judging?

I (Cheysser), Christabel (Mz.Chrissy), the boyfriend, & lastly, YOU!

How does the judging work?

Brace yourself ladies, I came up with my own judging system... so please try to understand.

Most Creative: 5 points
Best Pinoy Pride: 5 points
Best Content: 10 points (3rd place), 20 points (2nd place), 30 points (1st place)
Best Make up (Eye, Face, e.t.c): 20 points
Christabel's choice: 10 points
Ariel's choice: 10 points
Voter's choice: 20 points

TOTAL: 100 points - go ahead and do your calculation ;)

- If the winner included a look along with their content, there is a grand prize. She will have a choice of the following:
  • A gift from my trip in Japan - Hello Kitty, Japan's beauty merchandise, what's not to love? :)
  • A eyeshadow/blush palette from Coastal Scent - shipping is on me.

ALTHOUGH... The package will not be sent until August where I will be able to send my package through LBC. If you do not want this method, I will include a different prize and send it in July. Let me know, when you win.

- Please pay attention to this message: DON'T GET MAD.. that the content portion is higher. I made it clear to include CONTENT & to add facts - but so far, I am very sastified w/ everyone. It was very educating :)

- Voters will VOTE by poll. They will choose by who had the best look and which was the most educational. I want their choice to be a secret, so I will not allow anyone to write it down in my comment section.


Friday, June 19, 2009

Darling V's Fish Inspired Contest - My 1ST CONTEST :)

Vanessa (Darling V) is holding her first contest. This is for the celebration of having 50 followers & growing. The dead line ends June 21, 2009. It's just in a few days! And the prizes are fab! She has prizes for 3 winners! She needs atleast 10 contestants, so if you have nothing to do, this is a fun contest to do.

And this is my first contest that I joined - aside from a giveaway. And boy, oh boy... I had a headache while doing it because I don't think I had enough creative juice running through my body. Oh well, it was fun doing it & it passed a lot of time. And besides, I love Vanessa, she's a sweet heart :) I wanted to help her endorse her contest so ladies, start joining!

For more information about the contest, look at this blog:

Have fun! Mwah!

So for my inspiration, I decided to use the Lion Fish - the king of the sea. Rawwwwr!

Another inspiration was Angelina Jolie in Sharktale - her character was a Lion Fish. Thanks Angelina! Haha...

And here is my version:

** Note: I may be disqualified, because I forgot to take a picture with my eyes closed. I thought I read a "close up" of the eyes. Blaaaah, what a dumb moment. And right away, after I took pictures, I removed it before any of my family members. (My grandma is still quite conservative, & they might hold a Filipino meeting just to discuss about my unusual behavior! I'm not even kidding!)

** Lol! I did this contest while watching Fresh Prince of Belair, so it was around 9 in the morning. So yes, I was still in my pajamas. Whoops! I didn't think it would show on my camera. The only part I can see in my LCD is my face, the other half is broken. (Remember? While volunteering in the animal shelter, the doggie bite it.) Hahaha, oh well. Hoorah for Betty Boop!

Story of the Lion Fish and the Penguin:

The Lion Fish and the Penguin were the BEST OF FRIENDS..

Until the Penguin tried to eat the Lion Fish, the end.

What I used?

So ladies, if you join, I wish you the best of luck! And now, I shall go and eat lunch - Yummmmmy! We're having Sinigang. *Drool.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Giveaways! Don't you feel the Christmas Spirit?

I don't know about you ladies, but for me, I think everyone on blogger is feeling the Christmas spirit. Everyone is doing giveaways and contests. Can't you feel the love? Haha :)


Nancy Lauren's Giveaway


2nd Prize*

How to enter? Look at her entry:

I suggest you do, it's a super easy contest with great prizes! :) & PLUS, She does International! Yay for us Guamies! Haha.

Luluchinadoll: Summer Celebration Contest

The Rules:
♥ Be a follower of my blog. If I get over 100 followers I will have more prizes for more winners!
♥ Please post the contest information on your blog and help spread the words, please repost the link via comment.
♥ Since I am moving into a new house soon and I need inspirations/suggestions on new things to shop for, please write in the comment box what is one item (or more if you wish) in your household that you cannot live without (doesn’t have to be beauty related), and why.
♥ Include your email address so I can contact you if you win (to avoid spammers, please make sure you write your email in “luluchinadoll at gmail dot com” format).
This contest is open to all of my followers anywhere in the world!
The deadline to enter will be June 19th, 2009 @ 5PM, PST.
I will use
random.org to determine the winner(s) upon contest deadline.
Also, if you are under 18 years old of age, please make sure you have your parents’ permission before entering.

Pinkfish Pie's Contest

How to enter? Click, Click, Click**

Don't you love the prizes? & She's giving away, concealers that are only found in the UK. I think that's FAB. (Oh God, I was about to say fetch - TBS been showing Mean Girls.) And oh yeah! Must not forget, she's giving candy! Yummmmy! *Drool

Lovepink's Giveaway

OMG! Don't you love the prizes? I love Clinique & I always wanted to try LUSH. So for those are interesting in a chance to win, check out her blog! :)


And she's having a sale on MAC Products! It's included with her the post above. Go take a look at it ;)

1. Have to be a follower of my blog =)
2. Have a short post on your blog about my "big MAC" heh blog sale + MAC giveaway that links back to this post
3. Let me know you've been able to add the link


Kessa Thea's Give Back Project Giveaway

It's not required to post about the giveaway in the contest, but I did anyways - her contest is inspiring! You should read the post:


Read the blog for the prizes! Yes, PLURAL! She's giving away books from the Twilight Saga & even though, I read it all, I want my own copy. (I'm holding my bestfriend's book on hostage) If you're not a fan, she's giving away other prizes as well.

So take a look at it, if you don't want to join the contest, you'll enjoy the read!


Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Hello 100 Followers, can I have a Haul with a Update on the side? :)

Hello Ladies :)

I was looking at my followers & realized that I have 100 followers! Thank you, Thank you. Throughout this, I met a lot of new beautiful and interesting woman from all around the world. I know it's traditional to hold a giveaway/contest for the celebration but I'm already holding a contest at the moment - it ends June 30, 2009. I will hold another one if I reach another mile stone. Anyways, once again, thank you.

So... I'm supposed to save money for Japan & help out more with my God-son's Christening, but I'm so horrible at saving money! Even if I tape my cards together with a big "DO NOT SPEND" on it, it makes no difference. Whateveeeer. I need to sugar up to my guests more to get more tips! Haha.



Hello Baby, I love your price ;) $14.99

Mrs. $10.00, would you be my date tonight?

A new hair cut

Before Picture *After Work

After Picture
*Haha, I didn't do anything drastic. Last time, I tried to rock short hair, the women of my family loved it. EW! Right away, it made me feel like a manang. (Old Lady) So I just ask to trim, add bangs, to add volume on the upper part of my hair but to minimize the volume in the lower part of my hair. My hair is so thick that my previous hair looked so lazy even if I fixed it. So when the lady fixed the problem, I was so happy! I tipped her $10.00, so it was a total of $45.00. :) Which is fine, because I left happy - unlike the previous experience.

Make up*

I bought a haul worth of make up yesterday, but my camera was low bat & I was already excited to use it that I took them out of their packages. Oppps! But I basically got some ELF products, Miliani Eyeliner (Purple), Wet & Wild Eyeliner (Purple), and Posh Brushes - I like them, what a new discovery :)


Yummy! I love Jamaican Grill. :)

Gellato! Forget icecream, eat thiiiiis! *Bad quality, taken w/ my blackberry.

So ladies, what do you spend your money on? Asides from make up? What's your priority?

Next week, I'm going to be busy. It's my boyfriend's 24th birthday, so I'm going to be spending a lot of time with that butthead. Haha! & It's my God-son's christening. It's going to be at a hotel's ball room, and we're going to be spending the night there as well. And the horrible thing is, I still haven't found a blue dress to wear that evening or a bag, shoes. *Drools, can't wait to do some damage! Haha.

Ceejay @ the park, he loves the swing :)

I know I should be posting my entries for the giveaways, but I am so lazy. Haha. So for now, I am going to do some shameless advertising for my girl Krystal's contest.

Vote for her!

VOTE FOR #28! Or else.. I will hunt you down. Raaawr!

PS: For CAT LOVERS, can you explain to me why my cat's brother is raping him! I can't stand watching my cat trying to fight off his brother! Waaaaaah! All the female cats just watch with delight, bleh.