Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Hello 100 Followers, can I have a Haul with a Update on the side? :)

Hello Ladies :)

I was looking at my followers & realized that I have 100 followers! Thank you, Thank you. Throughout this, I met a lot of new beautiful and interesting woman from all around the world. I know it's traditional to hold a giveaway/contest for the celebration but I'm already holding a contest at the moment - it ends June 30, 2009. I will hold another one if I reach another mile stone. Anyways, once again, thank you.

So... I'm supposed to save money for Japan & help out more with my God-son's Christening, but I'm so horrible at saving money! Even if I tape my cards together with a big "DO NOT SPEND" on it, it makes no difference. Whateveeeer. I need to sugar up to my guests more to get more tips! Haha.



Hello Baby, I love your price ;) $14.99

Mrs. $10.00, would you be my date tonight?

A new hair cut

Before Picture *After Work

After Picture
*Haha, I didn't do anything drastic. Last time, I tried to rock short hair, the women of my family loved it. EW! Right away, it made me feel like a manang. (Old Lady) So I just ask to trim, add bangs, to add volume on the upper part of my hair but to minimize the volume in the lower part of my hair. My hair is so thick that my previous hair looked so lazy even if I fixed it. So when the lady fixed the problem, I was so happy! I tipped her $10.00, so it was a total of $45.00. :) Which is fine, because I left happy - unlike the previous experience.

Make up*

I bought a haul worth of make up yesterday, but my camera was low bat & I was already excited to use it that I took them out of their packages. Oppps! But I basically got some ELF products, Miliani Eyeliner (Purple), Wet & Wild Eyeliner (Purple), and Posh Brushes - I like them, what a new discovery :)


Yummy! I love Jamaican Grill. :)

Gellato! Forget icecream, eat thiiiiis! *Bad quality, taken w/ my blackberry.

So ladies, what do you spend your money on? Asides from make up? What's your priority?

Next week, I'm going to be busy. It's my boyfriend's 24th birthday, so I'm going to be spending a lot of time with that butthead. Haha! & It's my God-son's christening. It's going to be at a hotel's ball room, and we're going to be spending the night there as well. And the horrible thing is, I still haven't found a blue dress to wear that evening or a bag, shoes. *Drools, can't wait to do some damage! Haha.

Ceejay @ the park, he loves the swing :)

I know I should be posting my entries for the giveaways, but I am so lazy. Haha. So for now, I am going to do some shameless advertising for my girl Krystal's contest.

Vote for her!

VOTE FOR #28! Or else.. I will hunt you down. Raaawr!

PS: For CAT LOVERS, can you explain to me why my cat's brother is raping him! I can't stand watching my cat trying to fight off his brother! Waaaaaah! All the female cats just watch with delight, bleh.


donnarence said...

cheysser,,, that second shoes looks fab!! congrat on hitting 100.. :D look at that gelato ice cream.. yum!!!

rae630 said...

hmmm... i spend my money on (besides makeup)food, gas, and car maintanence. I needz to eat, and I don't cook, so there goes a lot of cash. I drive all over the place, so i spend a lot time at the gas station. my boyfriend lives 30 miles away and my brother lives 20 miles away. And my pops always told me that its too hard to survive in Los Angeles are without a car, so "take care of your car anak." I don't go half ass when it comes to my cars (civic and crv, honda, asian). other splurges besides makeup- handbags (not so much anymore) and craft supplies.

~tHiAmErE~ said...

congrats on having a hundred followers..yay for that!

i love the gladiator sandals!
i wish i can find one that would fit me..
i have big feet so its hard!

goodluck on finding blue dress & stuff
im pretty sure you'll be able to find the perfect one!

Blair said...

LOL besides cosmetics? definitely accessories hahaha

Shantee said...

Love your shoes and hair and CJ.. hehe :)

Anonymous said...

oh luv those shoes but this caught my attention ICE CREAM .sarap!

*Nehs* said...

i love the shoes! and the foods ofcourse! :D

thank you cheysser for following our new blog! <333

Cupcake Couture said...

Congrats on reaching 100!!! Those shoes are adorable as well. I agree it is really hard to save money... Grrrrrr

Mrs.Zeus said...

Congratulations on 100 followers!!!

I love the glad sandals, its a must have this summer!!!


Dana Yoshimizu said...

THat Gellato looks so yummy *drool*

& Ceejay is so adorable <3

freshly brewed. said...

every paycheck after bills and gas.. .

i spend the rest of my money buying clothes and date nights with my bf (we take turns paying hehe) and then more gas LOL

i wish i am better with saving but hey your only young once and I'm pretty sure once married life comesthen we ladies can't splurge on ourselves anymore! that's how I look at it =)

mszcheysser said...

@ Freshly Brewed.

Wow. I thought I was the only one who thought about it that way, but it's true.. we only have our single life to cherish our money until we have to spend on real bills and house stuff. Blaaaaah! But thank you for commenting. I can't comment on yours, if you read this... START BLOGGING :) I would love to read and hear from you! ♥

Pop Champagne said...

wow those shoes were only $14?!?! what a steal!!! :D

Ares G. said...

Love the heels. They look fly.

I love the palettes I bought too. Maybe one day I'll do a give away and add one of those palettes. Well, a new one of course^^

KRYSTAL said...

congrats on reaching 100!! haha that is so true, its like a tradition to hold a giveaway/contest. lmao. so funny... but omg! i love the shoes u got! so cheap!! u have good taste in shoes, girl!! lol mMMmmm Coffee beanery! is that the black and white?! hahah thats my faveee!! i miss that drink!! and omg, jamaican grill!!

So ladies, what do you spend your money on? Asides from make up? What's your priority?
FOOD hahah.

oh man ceejay is so big now!! so sad, im supposed to be blue dress shopping with u.. haha!

and thank YOUUU for advertising me! hahah but i think its probably not going to go thru, that whole poll voting thing, cuz the entrants are bitching about how its "not fair" because people are making their friends and family vote for them.... i mean, yeah im ok with that, i think alot of girls went ALL out for that contest, so they deserve to win,

but thanks anyways CHEYSSERRRRRR!!!!!!! cant wait to see the entrants for your contest, i saw alot of girls do nice "filipino flag" inspired looks!!

Anonymous said...

I love your new shoes. $14, $10 OH MY!!

OMG, I cant even begin to tell you how much I love gelato. We have a place here called "Milano Freezer," its a total hole in the wall, which makes it so special.

Marie. said...

Aside from makeup? My money goes to FOOD!! I love eating at nice restaurants and buying $3 cupcakes! I cant help it, before I was a makeup junkie, I was a pastry chef so... yum! Haha.

Jasmin said...

Congrats, love!!! Yeahy! Love the shoes! I want to go shoe shopping too! haha. take care!

my_makeup_mania said...

The food and shoes MMM! so exciting!

First shoes one looks absolutely amazing! Wow!

lindah said...

I spend more money on food than makeup.. yikeees! and we know I'm always buying makeup! xD

Gelato is pretty good but I think I tried to wrong one last time :(

I like your new haircut, it's not too short, just perfect! :D Your lipcolor looks pretttttyy :)

...maybe the kitty think he's hot! LOL

~tHiAmErE~ said...

awwww...that's so sweet!
pag wala ko nakita talaga saka na ko papabili sayo.

kasi my feet is fat like me e..hahaha

so oftentimes, im having some troubles with the straps as it doesn't my fit kaya as much as possible i want to try it out first before buying...especially on the fleshy part...

but wow..that is really cheap!
you know how to find a good bargain!
its flat,right?
very comfy?


Ida said...

you look so pretty with your new hair, love your e/s in that shot too :)and the shoes are great bargains! love em :)

Chomsiri said...

congrats on hitting 100+!!! :)

the first pair of shoes is really cute!

KohLepe said...

=) Hi Cheysser!! Yes I love to travel.. and Guam is on my to go lists. You have to tell me about Guam. Is it super tiny? It look like on the map.

And thanks for following my nonsense blog =) I really appreciate it. You are too sweet.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the 100 followers!! Girl, i've been spending my moola on shoes too, its getting bad! LOL. The gelato looks bomb i always crave for them too. Your haircut looks lovely! muahs!

Pammy said...

i love those shoes!!!
i love cats too and i also had a cat that tried to get it on with his sister cat. i guess for cats, incest is pretty normal. eewie. :P

and oh, i tagged you on the MAC tag. :D


AHHHH!!! SHOESSSS!!! hehe i need to buy shoes too lol...congrats on the 100 followers too... and the photos of the food made me sooo hungry lol... and i loveeee gelatto too!!!!

ChinkyGirLMeL said...

Congrats on your 102 followers sweetie! Yey! Oh, and i love the gladiator sandals you bought! It looks sooo awesome.

*Nehs* said...

hello lava! thanks so much for your comment! yeah, hope to be one of the finalist. :) *fingers cross*


*~kAy~* said...

thanks for ur comment! :)
i love your hello kitty background :)
so cute! <3

hm.. i've never tried gellato? before :P but they sure look yummy :P

i like ur look as well :) i like the layers in your hair :)

i hav a fren who lives somewhere close to guam... :) saipan? :) i've always wanted to visit there someday :)

Sonya said...

I love the blue shoe! Your god-son is ADORABLE!!!!