Monday, June 29, 2009


IMPORTANT NEWS! I did a count down while receiving my entries & received 12 entries. When I was preparing it for this post, I only came down to 9. HUH? I read through all the old comments after I announce the giveaway and I found no other contestant. IF THIS IS YOU, I apologize and please let me know, as soon as possible. Please don't hate, just contact me, and we will solve the problem. Anyways, for those who successfully got their entry in...

WOW! After waiting for more than a month, my contest finally has come to an end. & I am asking for everyone to vote for their favorite - I will be posting a poll on the right side. You can vote for the content or the look. Have fun learning about our country, the Philippines.

So *drum roll please... here are the contestants! Click on their name to read more! PS: I tried my best, to avoid having it picture heavy as possible. So please give the contestants' justice and check their page ;)


Her inspiration? Halo, Halo! Yummy!
Content: 5 facts about being Filipino *Pictures included

"You are filipino if you are addicted to friendster hehe.. do i need to explain this lol.. in most recent research there are 5 million filipino users around the world ! :P .."


Content: She wrote about a Filipino Celebrity that she admires. She choose no other than the 3rd sexiest man in the world (true story), Dingdong Dantes. Other than that, you can find 5 values that Filipinas have & 5 facts that she loves about being a Filipina. *Pictures included.


"A typical Filipina look" ;)
5 things that she enjoys about being a Filipina, her favorite celebrity & a trivia! *Pictures included.

BAYANIHAN - Filipinos are innately helpful and I enjoy that in so many ways. You need not worry when you move to a new house, any one of your friends would be more than willing to help you out. In provinces where houses are not made of concrete, neighbors and friends literally help you out move a house from one place to another.


Inspiration? Flag's colors.
Content? 5 things about being a Filipina. You are Filipino if.. *Pictures included

You eat balut - undeveloped duck egg. (Yuck; haha)


Inspiration? The flag's colors of the Philippines.

Other than a look, she came up with a design for her nails!

Content? 11 stereotypes that represent Filipinos. She did the images, by herself & they are hilarious. Take a look! *Pictures included.

06. IDA

Content? 5 stereotypes about Filipinos that apply to her. *Pictures included.

"I use a tabo. A tabo is something that is used in the bathroom, during baths or whatever else. When I went on vacations in other countries, sure the bathrooms there had bathtubs, showers, and even bidets, but I still missed my tabo badly!"


Inspiration? Philippines' flag & the country! It's on her right cheek.

Content? Values that she keep as a Filipino & stereotypes about being Filipino. *Pictures included.

Fair skin is beautiful.
I believe that we are the whitening capital of the world.. LOL Honestly, women and some men are so obsessed with having fair skin. I am also guilty of this. This brought about the papaya soap craze and the current glutathione fad. Tsk Tsk.. Other nationality are dying to have our color while we are dying to have theirs. LOL

08. NEHS

Inspiration? Flag colors of the Philippines
Content? 5 things about being a Filipino *Pictures included

Us Filipino's love to send text messages, I heard we're the Text Capital of the World. 80% of the population 15 years old above own a cellphone. It's part of our daily life, the cheapest way to communicate.


Inspiration: Star on the Philippines' flag & the colors.
Contents? A story of her being a Filipina. *Pictures included.

"I represent my country with pride and I stand with dignity even if I am just 5 feet tall."

SO START VOTING ;) Contest voting/judging will end on June 2, 2009!


Anonymous said...

Wow all of the looks are amazing! I know who I'm voting for ;)

KRYSTAL said...

gosh i love your contest idea. i actually learned some stuff from everyone's entries!! *voted!

lindah said...

I think one of my favorites is #7 because she really did her entire face! :D I really like #5's nails too xD

rae630 said...

awesome entries!

Marie. said...

I vote for DONNARENCE!

Anonymous said...

hi cheysser where is shobe"yourlittlebeautybag" ? hihi...

~tHiAmErE~ said...

oh no..i dunno who to choose..

i think i need time to think..
they're all so amazing!

Shantee said...

I really love this contest!
Very colorful too! :)

Shobe said...

sad my entry is not here...

donnarence said...

i think crystal also joined.. :D if i remember correctly.. :D

Steph said...

oh wow! i think i already know who'll win. everybody did great though :D

Kym said...

everyone looks great! my vote goes to donnarence! :)

Keziah Ann said...

I vote for number 7 Donnarence! amazing entry and really cool look=P

Anonymous said...

OMG, amazing photos!!