Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Trying to catch up.


It almost been a week since I had been on here - felt like forever. It's almost the end of the semester, so everyone is hustling to get the grade right now. And other than that, I been getting more hours from work. Which is all good, anything to get the money ;)

In between all the chaos, I lost my mind during my break at school. Bwhahaha :) When I think about it now, it's hilarious. I was losing it in my boyfriend's car, crying and crying that I might not end up in the Dean's list. Whaaaaaat!? I need to loosen up, for real. Can't wait for the summer! YAAAAAY!

My boyfriend works at gamestop, and he got me the game Deal or No Deal for Wii. I love it. I get so excited winning money - until my older sister won the $1,000,000.


Wouldn't it be so great to play this game in person? If I already hit the 100 grand mark, I'll say Deal in a heart beat. No need to get greedy.

Last Saturday, me and the best friend watched Obsession. The girl fight was insane! Loved it. And we went around the mall, looking for some goodies. And oh! I also scheduled the both of us for the Clinique Makeover 5 minute thing that it's promoting. Just come to it and free make up! Haha. I don't mind ;)


Haul: Earrings from Macys, big sale.
OPI/Orly Nail Polishes from the OPI Shop.
Earrings were $2.00!


My packages from Ebay finally came - and even the Ped Egg!


Opened it and found:
  • Hello Kitty Wallet.
  • Hello Kitty Digital Camera - don't like it. I'm just going to give it to my niece.
  • Urban Decay Primer Potion, my first one.
Not from Ebay:
  • Tinker Bell Trash Can. I found it at work along with Banana Chips and Dry Mango. Gave that to my coworkers.
  • Orly French Manicure and Yellow Beaded Earrings from the OPI Shop.
Since I'm out of the school for the week, I'm going to be doing cleaning and studying and catching up with everyone blooooogs! Yaaaaay! :D

But for now, I'm going to be watching "The Fresh Prince of Belair". I love Will Smith!


CHOMSIRI said...

i wanted to see that movie, obsession. ive seen the preview on the catfight and it seems intense!

my bf told me the hello kitty digital camera isnt good so i didnt buy it :P

earrings for $2.00?! thats a good deal!

mzkrystall said...

i want that deal or no deal wii gamee!! looks like fun!

Anonymous said...

Hi hi.. =]
Yes, you most definitely should get the majolica mascara! I heard that will start shipping internationally soon hopefully you can get your hands on em!

Catherine said...

Aww, I totally understand the pressure. Glad you've got things in perspective though. =)

And yay for mails! :D

donnarence said...

the first part of your post caught my eye.. you're working and studying all at the same time and expecting to be a DL... wow you're really smart!! but cheysser, don't take it hard on yourself.. have faith.. :D i know you will be in the dean's list.. a hard working girl like deserves it..

goodluck on your grades..

Shantee said...

hey you got opi nail polish.
I love opi!
hey guess what i get to shop on ebay now too! lol

Riza said...

You are so right about people getting greedy. It irks the hell out of me when people turn down a hefty amount of cash hoping they will score the million. tsk tsk tsk

The Tinkerbell trashcan us cute. It's so cute I wouldn't use it for trash. I would probably fill it up with something makeup related. :P

Good luck on your finals, I'm supposed to be studying but I'm roaming blogs. haha

GiLiNG said...

nice haul =)
gotta love hello kitty, hehe.
i have a ton of relatives (dad's side) in Guam -dededo specifically- idk if i spelled that right. been there a few times when i was younger.

Lulu said...

yea I think they translate some articles, but what's different is the magazines is flooded with pages after pages after pages of whitening products for the HK version :) Well, half of the magazine is probably ad, hehehe, oh well they are pretty anyway :p

Cupcake Couture said...

Great earrings very cute :) Good luck with school hunny!! You'll make it I'm sure :)

AbcGrrrL said...

You're such a sweetie. I seriously think if you were to take some of my polishes, I probably wouldn't ever notice. hehe. I'm planning to give away some nail polishes too (brand new - used once). :)))))))

Chrissy said...

I want OPI polishes. -whine-

The digital camera looks totally cute but I get teh feeling from just the sight of it that yes it does suck. Lucky niece for getting something cute. XD Not so lucky for the quality of the pics.

Nice stuff you got there!

I've missed reading your blog, woman! You should be around more. XD Catch up! :P

Crystal said...

i hope you love your UDPP as much as i do! it's a great product. btw, do update us about the ped egg. i've been curious about it for so long. i so hope it's good.

Janelle said...

$2 earrings at Macy's!? Whhaaat!? What a steal!

I kinda wanted to see Obsession. Maybe the bf & I will go this weekend... after we see Wolverine hehe.

Don't stress yourself out too much, girl! Good luck with the end of your semester!

Rai said...

OMG! I want to go see that movie.
Cute stuff that you picked up.

Awesome stuff from Ebay!!
I love Hello Kitty. =D

lol I was watching the Fresh Prince earlier, too.

angie519 said...

You got lots of cute items! I looove OPI!

Tink reminds me of my old roommate haha

Kitty said...

hii, thanks for the comment, i love your hello kitty background :D

denise said...

the opi nail polish hella caught my eye...its super pretty!

Shantee said...

hey i have that game.
the deal or no deal on pc. lol
its hella fun! :)