Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Make up collection

I'm baaaack!

Today is my day off but I'm really sick. I have the flu - & I hate blowing my nose, twice blood came out, yuck. I haven't gotten sick for over a year, and it's a really weird feeling. Because I am sick, Dr. Mom told me to stay in my room and don't talk on the phone. (How is that even relevant? Haha!)

So anyways, the glamorous Mz. Shar tagged me to do two things: What's in your purse and Make up Collection. I'll do the other one, another time. Right now, I just use my big Roxy bag for school and work. I don't have time to transfer from purse to purse. And I hardly go out now, because the semester is closing and I'm trying to maintain my status in the Dean's list. Super hard. I am wondering if my stress contributed to me being sick. :( Sometimes, I feel like quitting my job so I can concentrate on my studies, but I really want to continue helping my parents with some part of my tuition and expenses.

Anyways, my collection is still growing. You'll notice that I have more drug store brands, but slowly going to the real deal. When I discovered Aubrey (Fafinette) from Youtube, thats when I started collecting! But remember before, when she mainly did tutorials on Cover girl, Jesse girl, and NYX? Yeaaaah! Haha.

Make up storage on the first floor.
I keep my brushes in a Hello Kitty container.

Lippies: Elf, Covergirl, NYX, Benefit, Clinique, MAC, Dior E.t.c

It's like my NYX are the security guards. Lol!

Face: I love Clinique! :)

I had items from Benefit but I ran out so I threw it away.

Eye liners, Eye brow, Eye lash Curler, Mascara


I have the manly 120 color.
I haven't purchase the C/S palettes yet, since I'm still playing with this one.
Oh, and I dropped it once thats why it has the sign! Haha.

Align Right

Hello world, say hello to the rejects.

Inside my make up bag..
I learned my lesson to not put a lot of make up in my bag on Guam. They freakin melt from the heat! BLAAAAAAH.

Anyways, thanks for viewing!
And now that I have a blog, You and I can watch it grow!

So I'm going to tag: Shantee (Get a blog, girlfriend. Yes, I'm calling you out HERE!), Julie, Chrissy, and Mrs. Zeus & anyone else, who wants to do it!


Chrissy said...

OMG!! :( You meanie. I don't want to do a collection post yet, I...don't have a collection yet! XDD But I'm getting started.

I'll do the post tomorrow when my new makeup arrives. :D Definitely.

I'm sick too! Get some rest and I hope you feel better soon, girl. <3

Mrs.Zeus said...

OMG!!! Great collection!
I love, love everything!!!!
Thanks for tagging me love, I dunno when I can do it tho' I'll try my very best to do it this week *fingers crossed*
I also hope you feel better.
BTW, Im gonna link you in my blog.
Drink lots of fluid and rest girl!!!

Cris said...

That cleanser is amazing, probably my fave Clinique product :).
'Handle with care', lol, I hope you handle all of your shadows with care :-P. You've got loads of stuff & it's lovely ^_^!
I'm doing mine in sections, but this week I'll probably do my Hello Kitty eye shadow case ;).

A Sensitive Soul said...

I used that same XXL mascara in your reject pile. Your sick, baby boo =( Would you like me to bring you over some chick'n (FAKE chicken) noodle soup? Your collection is drool worthy. Even I didn't know you have such an impressive body of makeup.


Iyah said...

You have a nice collection hun! :) I know what you mean about the drugstore brands.. I started with those. I started also when Fafinettex3 was making vids about drugstore stuff :) But when I cut back on getting drugstore brands and slowly branching to high end brands, I got fully satisfied. :)

Ive been a make up addict since MArch 2008 :)

Oh yeah I ship international but the peel is gone. They got it..

X3MZSHAR said...

yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! nice collection bebe!

Rai said...

You have a nice collection!!
I love all your Hello Kitty Stuff in the first picture. =] lol

Maggie uson said...

hey... you're from Guam too! Cool.. I love your make-up collection and your HK stuff! Well I'm adding you fellow guamie! lol...

Krystal said...

ooOO i love your makeup/accessories place/storage. its so colorful!, and nice collection!

Janelle said...

Nice collection, hun! Thanks for sharing with us!

We all started out collecting drugstore makeup first, so no shame there. Plus, drugstore brands have really been improving their quality, so they're def still worth it!

Jasmin said...

Ooo.. Love your collection of goodies ! I'm jealous ! hahaha.. Have an awesome weekend !

Riza said...

I love all the headbands I see. I'm thinking about getting some but was indecisive about either getting chunky ones or skinny ones -- I think I'll get the chunky ones! :]

Ooh, I want to get some NYX glosses. If you can -- can you do some swatches?

Holy cow, it's that hot in Guam that makeup just melts?! WHOA. lol

Krystal said...

haha yeah! i love drugstore makeup! woohoo! go drugstore! lol! i had more eyeshadows but i gave my mom most of my covergirls, jesses girl, and mac pigments, i just realized that i really dont like pigments lol. they are so hard to work with! well lets keep forcing shantee to join! i mean, its not like youtube, showing ur face and talking, is blogging! haha.

Rai said...

BTW: Of course I'll ship to you. Just let me know whenever you want to place an order. Okay?

But if you want a blush you can order it now or whenever you want. lol

Cupcake Couture said...

Nice collection!!

Get better hun... lots of rest, and SLEEP!

Sofee said...

LOVE ur collection...Thanx for following :D

Catherine said...

Aww, hope you feel better soon. Being sick is awful. I think it's that time of year when the seasons are changing. My SO is sick too. Nice collection! I don't think it's the size of your stash that matters - I think it's the fraction of stuff that you love and really works for you. But lol @ your three eyelash curlers & love your HK brush cup! So cute!

iambeautiful20 said...

Aubrey did influenced a lot of girls lol. You have more makeup than i do lol. Have you seen emilynoel's makeup collection of youtube? Its like a drugstore section, its awesome!

Chrissy said...

There. Showed my mu collection. :P

Jasmin said...

--Replying back to you: No, way ? No Starbucks there ? Boo ! Aww.. Well, maybe I can send you some of their bags of tea or coffee ? hahha.. Of course, I can't send the good stuff, since it won't make it, but yeah.. haha

I know, all that makeup ! I was so sad, but I learned my lesson keeping makeup a little over a year, so I started doing a yearly clean up. take care !

♥ Kendall ♥ said...

Nice collection!! My nosy ass loves looking at other peoples stuff!!
Feel better darling!! Stay off the phone, lol.... Maybe she meant to not to be on the phone bc talking can irritate your throat??

Jasmin said...

Reply back-- Ackk.. I know.. I've been so busy.. Although, I discovered buying cosmetics online & blogging a little more. haha.. School's driving me insane, since the semester is almost over.. I'm glad though because that means it's almost my b-day, but at the same time not because it lands on finals week.. haha..

Have a great rest of the week !

Jasmin said...

I forgot to mention--if you have the time-- I tagged you for the questions.. I'm not sure if you've already done it, so if you haven't & want to it's the last entry post. thanks

Tha BossMack TopSoil said...

I'm glad you back Loved One.

che3kychick said...

i love ur collection girly! yeah the maybelline dream mouse shadow makes a nice base... for me it last at least 5 hours. My lids are semi-oily lol if that makes sense.

Anonymous said...

omg! thank you so so much for following me :D ahihihi~ chrissy and I will have a contest if I reach 30 followers XD so 2 more to go and hallelujah! contest! XD your collection is so nice :) many many nyx items >.< I am envious! online local resellers of NYX sells the trio for 400 php grr. + shipping + 0.01% other fees so it's pricey T_T thanks again and keep in touch :D

Lydia said...

Nice collection!

Vonnie said...

oh wow nice collection you have there...
I also love clinique cleanser :))

donnarence said...

nice collection.. you have so many cute head bands!!! cool!!

Crystal said...

all HK containers! i love HK too! btw, nice collection you have here.

Shantee said...

hey cheysser.
i have a question?
where did u get your black drawer?
the plastic one? hehe..

Fifi said...

Whoa, such a HUGE collection compare to mine! buahahaha~
I love Clinique too, by the way ;)