Thursday, April 16, 2009

7 Random things about me

With nothing to do at work, I decided to do "7 Random Facts" that Mrs. Zeus posted on her blog.

1. I tend to bottle up my frustration with people. I try my best to avoid confrontation and arguments. But once, I am angry, it's like Bam-BAM-BAM! I can be physically and verbally abusive. It's really bad. And thank God, my best friend is a straight up bitch. (The good kind, refer to Cosmopolitian) Whenever we go out, and services are bad, she'll handle the situation for me. We made a complain about the employees at Wendys. She left her number, and I left them my boyfriend's number. Hek Hek Hek.

2. I am addicted to stress - I go insane when I am not stressed out. Does that even make sense? If I don't feel stressed out for more than a week, I go into depression. It's so stupid. I get all clingy to my boyfriend & I would cry in my bed because I am so bored with my life. I haven't done this in almost than a year, so...

3. I think calling other hotels in Guam is Hilarious. Just a few hours ago, we did that again: We asked Nikko Hotel if they were haunted. Grand Plaza was getting mad at us, the Chinese man was not able to understand us. (I kept annoying him about Military rate). At the Fiesta Hotel, we asked if there is any gay Front Desk clerks. We called another hotel, and um, the guy was gay. Haha. That was funny. Some other hotels (cough, Outrigger) left us waiting on the phone line when we were looking for someone. Whateeeeeeever! Nice background music though, lol.

4. I used to be a Kleptomaniac. And I got caught. That was a fun ride.

5. When I was in High School, I was dumb as fuck. Until my mom sent me to the Philippines to straighten my life, because I was heading to the wrong path. AND IT DID! School was from 7-4pm. I was a Paulinians! Holla sisters ;) But obviously, I moved back to Guam. And now I'm a full time Employee & Honor Student. - IT DID WORK. lol.

6. Years and years, I realized that even though guys are easy to get along with, girls are the REAL best-friends that I'll ever need. I have 4 girl best friends, and it has been like that for years. For guys? I hate it. It's a tiring job, trying to keep the relationship at a best-friend level. They are so lazy. If you don't talk for weeks, it's all good for them. Excuse after Excuse. But Marion Alden is fun - he's easy to talk and play with! (He's the one, I do prank calls with) And we can eat and laugh @ people, all we want. And take poops right after another. And go racing to see who reaches our village first, and I always win by the way. Ford Escape FTW! (: So I'm pretty content for now.

7. I like to watch old comedy shows like - Everybody loves Raymond, Seinfield, King of Queens. I don't really watch Gossip Girl, OTH, or the OC.. or anything like that, I get too lazy. It's hard for me to follow.

So I'm tagging..



Mrs.Zeus said...

Oh my! I dont wanna get you mad then...hehhehe
So you went to St.Paul? what district?
Dude, Im such a guy... I can go for weeks-months even without talking to my bestfriends, I know! I know! Im trying to change that! I grew-up with bunch of guys and I tend to act as one.

Chrissy said...

I'm doing this when I get home! Looks fuuun. :D

mszcheysser said...

You should! Would love to read more about you. :]

Askmewhats said...

awww it was great to know you better Cheysser :) You look hot in this photo

Krystal said...

oOOO looks fun! ok ill do this when i have nothing else to blog about.. lol

A Sensitive Soul said...

1. We should really do that more often-- taking advantage of those suggestion cards. So far, Wendys hasn't shown up to break my legs. I guess they haven't tried to kick Ariel's ass either. Did you tell him he is now a complaining Wendys customer? LOL. Am I a straight up bitch? I love that. You know, I only act like that around you-- you give me courage to be a bitch, because if someone tried to kick my ass, you'd spray them in the eyes with hello kitty mace.
2. This is true. I promise, I'll help keep you stressed out.
3. Did Nikko Hotel admit to being haunted?
5. If you hadn't gone to the Phillipines, we wouldn't have ended up being best friends.
6. 4? I atleast better be number 1 of those 4. Because I will stab those other bitches. Or atleast, I'll write down mean things on a suggestion card and tuck it in their pockets.
7. I love Seinfeld, not so much the other two.