Friday, April 24, 2009

NYX Lip Gloss Swatches - and Random update :)

You know what I hate about blogging? I hate thinking about how I should do my introduction. I don't know. I feel so bothered when it doesn't start right - I think I been doing waaaay too much essay papers. Haha.

Anyways, I am starting to get better from my flu. Even though I felt super sick, I forced myself to work. I really need the money to pay off the last payment to my Tuition. And I hate it when my (bestfriend/coworker) Marion gets a higher paycheck than me, and then brags. Haha. So child-ish, I know. We yell at each other, every time we open our paycheck. (Although mine is direct deposit, yay.) So anyways, because I was sick, I looked like I been to hell and back. While I'm checking out guests, I would sometimes tear. They would freak out! And then they would start talking to me in fast Japanese - and I don't understand! Haha. I just try to signal to them that I'm sick.

A Japanese man gave us a gift. It was mochi. Really good too. I offered some to the restaurant next to us, and they ended up eating it all. My mom took three - Yes, I work at the same hotel as my mom. Another gift that we got was from a old Japanese man, he gave us the complimentary water in the room. LOL! It's the thought that counts, right?

The Mochi. I like the packaging. :)

Today, I had training at work but me and Marion showed up 30 minutes late. When we arrived, my boss said it was canceled because no one showed up. Ohhhh! And then he lectured us that traffic was not a valid excuse - which its not. I just really wanted to sleep in more, and I told Marion to be late with me. Haha! Bossing told us to go eat at the restaurants - 20% off Tony Romas, and Capri! Guamies know what I'm talking about ;) So we just decided to go Kmart and look around for stuff. So I bought make up, yaaaaay! I bought the Revlon, Self Adhesive. I heard good things about this product, so I wanted to try it out since I am so bad putting on fakies. But the price is a bit too bleh. =/

So Riza asked if I can do some swatches on the Nyx Lipglosses that I bought. I was not able to do all of them because I didn't know it would be so hard to take picture of your lips! REALLY. Haha. Or do I really need to get a new camera? Don't mind the ones with my mouth open! :)


Lastly, I am quite addicted to Ebay - thanks to my bestfriend for promoting it to me. Haha! And it's so fun, getting packages in the mail. My brother was getting jealous, so I got him Ped Egg. LMAO!! Few days ago, I got my "I drive like a Cullen" sticker. Which is true, cause I drive too fast and crazy - PS: I drive a Ford Escape! THATS BIG. Haha! I wish I gotten a smaller car, oh well. Can't complain ;) And I don't mind sticking it on the back of my car, my brother already put his large ass "Guam Police Department" sticker. Blah. But I don't get pulled over or get a ticket, so I don't mind!


Look how brown the grass and dirt is! I wasn't kidding when I told you that it was hot here on the island!

Sorry, that the blog is quite long! Hahaha (: Thanks for reading. Adiooooos! Bai! Sayoonara! Aloha! Sige na! Shoots! Ciao!


Chrissy said...

Lol @ "bossing". It's so Filipino!

Anyhow, I can't wait for my stuff in the mail! And I'm so disappointed that my friend cancelled on me, we were supposed to go shoppin, but her dad wouldn't let her go! Now I'm left LEMMING LIKE CRAZY for stuff. :/

Anonymous said...

;__; chrissy I am so sorry @__@ i really wanted to go to T A T

anyways, cool NYX black lippie O_O i want it *drool* your going to help us with NYX? awesome! 8D Chrissy and I are talking A LOT on YM and we are supposed to meet tomorrow. T_T I also buy stuff from ebay :D but only from local resellers coz I can't afford international shipping hehe. before~ but now hmm~ lemming lemming lemming~
is that a maybelline foundation on the background? hmm. the packaging is different from here in PH.

A Sensitive Soul said...

OMG, those swatches? Sexy. I especially like the NYX Crystal Red 148 Juicy Cherry. Sooo pretty. You are so brave for getting fakies. Just looking at them makes my stomach churn.

BTW, Dior- Dior Show mascara? Have you heard of that? I was watching the HSN shopping network latenight, and was so impressed by it. Put enough of it on, and it looks like your wearing eyeliner. It's like, 20 bucks or something. Totally looks worth it though. However, you are the makeup guru and I will only buy it with your blessing.

I WANT THAT STICKER. Well, not like I could put another Twilight sticker on my car in all good conscience. Haha, speaking of my car... my mom HATEs the caked on silly string from your birthday. She hates it. Yesterday, she resumed her efforts to scrub it off. "WHY DIDN'T YOU JUST SCRUB IT OFF?" she demanded, and I just shrugged and smiled, saying "It reminds me of Cheysser, so I'm attatched to it."

That is the perfect sticker placement too!


I can't wait for Sunday! "Obsessed" looks so awesome!
Also, "While She Was Out" is being released on DVD on Tuesday! We should both rent it and give feedback.

Ciao Bella!

Cupcake Couture said...

No, I actually think you could pull this off better with short hair! You should try it! Anyway, glad you're feeling better... NYX Vanilla looks lovely... too bad I'm not a lip fanatic, I have small lips so if I did wear lipstick I'd look ridiculous! lol <3

Krystal said...

hahahahah man u made me crack up when u said you bought ur brother a pedegg. LOL hey! i got one of those and i love that stufff!!! and whoa whoa,i love your lucious lips, HAHAHA! nice swatches!! and whoa, u bought a BLACK lippie?! lol or did it just come with it!?! oOOO i got the maybelline loose foundation powder, i love that. thats what i use mostly everyday.(when i go out ofcourse) haha!

Catherine said...

Hahaha, you're so cute. Glad you're getting over your flu symptoms. =)

Jasmin said...

Yum ! Mochi ! Ahh.. Falsies.. cute ! I tried those too; it's sticky. I didn't have a difficult time applying them, so that was good. How are they for you ?

Ahhh.. "I drive like a Cullen"-how awesome !

CHOMSIRI said...

i like nyx the vanilla! great swatches!

Iyah said...

Hi! :) I'm glad you are feeling better by now :) I love mochis! Especially the coffee flavored ones ;)

LOL at you drive like a Cullen. :) Its cute :D I drive a small car and loves speed driving too but I love the money than the excitement so I tend to drive in the speed limit. I dont want to pay for a ticket. ahahah! :p

che3kychick said...

i looove mochi!~

Lulu said...

Thanks for visiting my blog sweetie, you should totally do the tag, it's fun, hehehe :)

FuN and MakeUp said...

thanks for droppin by my blog! looks like u got urself some revlons too! have u tried them yet? wut u think? and wut does that say.. i drive like a... wut? cant really see.. lol

Maggie uson said...


Crystal said...

i'm getting addicted to ebay too! and i buy internationally so it's quite draining on the pocket! i'll also be purchasing some nyx lippies for when i do makeup on others soon! thanks for the swatches.

♥ Kendall ♥ said...

Glad your feeling better. Working in a hotel sounds fun, probably bc I'm nosy and like meeting new people.
Are they hiring in Gaum???
Faslies take some practice. Buy a bunch of cheapo ones to practice with. I still have a hard time with them, one comes out perfect and the other ends up stabbing me or crooked!

Shantee said...

eeee sexy lips! i love that Vanilla color on u...makes ur lips look sexy...hehe

K said...

Honey, I'm going to Guam on May 7. Where do I go to shop? Also where is there good drugstore makeup? K-Mart???

Riza said...

Thanks, for updating the swatches you could! :] I feel special that you kept my request in mind. LOL

I am digging the NYX Crystal Red lip gloss. OH, so many things to add to my wishlist. :| haha

Pop Champagne said...

Aww I love the tinker bell trash can and hello kitty camera! Great finds! :)