Friday, July 3, 2009


After 4 days of voting & receiving feedback from other judges, it finally has come to an end. The winner is based on how many points, she has gotten from my rubric. Don't know what I'm talking about? Click here! So who, got what award?

Voter's choice: Kessa Thea

WOW! That was a close one, huh? :)

Pinay Pride: Nehs

Not only has she successfully included all the symbols of the Philippines' flag on her art, but in her blog, you will be able to find a "Proudly Pinay Blog" section along with the flag & the FOTD that she did for my contest.


1st place winner!

With a total of 50 points, Donnarence is the grand winner of my contest. She received points for being one of the judges' choice, best make up & scoring 2nd place in content.

I loved how she was detailed in her content with the values of being a Filipino & stereotypes that represent the Filipinos. And who doesn't enjoy the look that she did? I don't need to explain that ;)

2nd place winner!

With a total of 45 points, Chrissy is my second place winner. She received points for being one of the judge's choice, most creative, and achieving 1st place in content.

In her entry, you will find drawn pictures for her content. She did "stereotypes that represent Filipinos". I am a sucker for laughs, and that is exactly what her entry did for me. She did a wearable look, and the nails were killer beautiful ;)


Donnarence, these are your prizes :)

And other mini goodies, that I will add. :)

But since you did a look, you get a grand prize that I promised in my announcement. You have a choice:

Palette from Coastal Scent or a gift from my trip to Japan.

BUT, you will get it in August when my family goes to the Philippines. [Confirmed :) They have their tickets already] I am not too sure, but I think this method is better since it will be ship within the Philippines. Is there a fee to receive it? And perhaps, shipping could be faster & safer.

Or, I can ship it now & I will just include a surprise gift.

Chrissy, I will ship your prize when my family arrives in the Philippines. I will be sending you Rimmel Products that you wanted, along with some surprises.

Please send me your mailing addresses to: mszcheysser at hotmail dot com :)


Ares G. said...

congrats ladies!!!

hope you join my first giveaway/contest^^

Anonymous said...

congrats to the winners..:)

*~kAy~* said...

congratz to the winners!!!! <3

Jasmin said...

Yeahy for the winners, and the participants. Awesome contest! Have a great weekend!

KRYSTAL said...

congrats to the winnersss!

Gel said...

nice loot! congrats girls!

Crystal said...

congrats to the winners!

donnarence said...

waaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh,,, after a long and tiring day at school and getting busy for my sorority,, this made me so happy. thanks cheysser and the other judges.. and those who voted.. congrats chrissy,, yay,, 5 points difference lang,, so close!!!

Steph said...

oh wow congrats to the winners! :D

Shantee said...

Congrats to the winners! :)

Shen said...

wow! donnarence really did a great job and i love this look on her. :)

Chrissy said...

Omg I won for the first time in my life. LOL. Thanks! I'll e-mail you my address now. :D

adin_22 said...

Thanks for dropping by...Yup!the exact date after 12 yrs....but I'm not that old...we just started dating while we were still very young...:)