Wednesday, July 8, 2009

HAUL + Rina's gift + AWARD/TAG

Type, Backspace, Type, Backspace, Repeat. Oh Blogger, I hate thinking of how to start my blogger. Sometimes, I get really tired of doing greetings & blah, blah, blah... who actually reads that part, anyways?

How are you ladies? [Insert Haul/FOTD Image]
Readers: Wow! What a cute haul!

No one actually responses with a "Actually, I am doing quite fine, thank you." Agree? So from now on, I will smooth away from that. Whoopee~

Today, my auntie came home with a note from the Post Office that I got mail. RIGHT AWAY, I called Christamama to have lunch and to pick up my package. And when I got my hands on my package, I teared it open and the contents were exposed, even before I got to my car.

When Rina posted a blog about her creations of her piglets, I fell inlove. They are so cute! Long story short, she offered to send me one! And I was very quite delighted by her generosity and kindness! It's my first package from a lovely on blogger.

I named him Munchie & yes, it's a he. And isn't he adorable on his first photoshoot? Haha :)

& OMG! I was surprise that she added alot more stuff. She included a little towel, and inside the Hello Kitty bag was Jolly Ranchers! YUMMY! And even though we just met, she knows quite well that Hello Kitty makes me happy in every way ;)

*WHOOOOPEE!!!!!! =D Thank you so much for everything, especially the LANEIGE! I never seen one in person! And now, I get to actually sample it! Thank you very much Rina! I enjoyed your package! I will be sending you one sooooooon =] Especially now that I have your mailing address, yay!

After getting my package, we went to the mall to do alittle shopping. Can't do much, I gotta save :(

SMALLER VERSION OF OPI :) I wanted all the colors, but didn't want to spend $40.00 for the full size ones so I got the smaller ones $16.00! =D Not only does it make me happy, but my bank account too! Haha.

When I saw the Vaseline for the lips, I remembered Krystal's post about this product so I decided to buy it. & I haven't found it, anywhere else on Guam so I got it right away. Lol! And I got a tiny bottle for lotion, because I hate it when I put lotion in my bag and it leaks! ALWAYS HAPPENS, true story! I'm sucha klutz!


Thank you SHOP N' CHOMP for awarding/tagging me! You're so sweeeeet (:

Tell your readers 10 things about you that they may or may not know, but are true. Tag ten people with the award, and be sure to let them know they've been tagged (a quick comment on their blog will do). Don't forget to link back to the blogger who tagged you.

01. When I was younger, my family would notice that I would often be talking to the cats, as if they were human. Nothing surprising, since I still do it. I mean, everyone talks to their pets, but not in the way that I do..... Like I'm Eliza Thornberry or something! Google it, haha!
02. I have alot of books in my shelf that I have not read, I just want to look more "literature".
03. I love the smell of gasoline.
04. I want to get bitten by a shark on left arm and live to tell about it.
05. I think some of my girl friends think I'm a pervert, but really... I just like to admire good booty. :)
06. I never gone clubbing, heck, I don't even know how to dance. It's not worth the "Filipino drama"..
One day, I want to own a gay strip club. I'm not kidding.
08. I'm Filipino, and I can't sing for my life.
09. I don't charge my laptop until it reaches 5% low bat.
10. I love Jesus ALOT! He is my one and only Hero! But I am forever ashame of myself. =[

[EDIT] Regarding this, I just feel that my walk with Jesus could be better & that what I'm doing now, is not unacceptable. Waaaah~

I TAGG..........


AND YOU.... Sorry no links, I'm lazy & going to take a nap! Lols! LOVE YOU GUYS<3



oh hun thanks for tagging me.. you always seem to crack me up lol... you and your pervertedness lol.... you look so freaking innocent!!! LOL but i love it! lol... and dang girl where are you buying your nailpolishes!? Let me know!!! please!!!! LOL


oh hun thanks for tagging me.. you always seem to crack me up lol... you and your pervertedness lol.... you look so freaking innocent!!! LOL but i love it! lol... and dang girl where are you buying your nailpolishes!? Let me know!!! please!!!! LOL

ChinkyGirLMeL said...

Awww Munchie is adorable. Did Rina make that? That looks like it took a lot of work. Wow...really cute...And the Hello Kitty goodies, what a nice surprise!

donnarence said...

your opening line always make me laugh.. true!! i am always guilty as charged.. cheysser, nice haul!! hihi hello to munchie.. i have to agree that he is really cute,, but those polishes are definitely nice.. those are the colors i will be buying perhaps.. esp the violet one (err purple??) LOL @ your random tag!!

@ 2: haha more literature,, the last thing i need is another book perhaps i eat with them, sleep with them (GRRRR)

@ 3: this is weird no. 4 is scary,,

@6: if you go home here in the philippines let's partee!!!! hihi (NO JOKE!!)

@ 10: i love HIM too,,, why are you ashamed?? (bewildered look)

i will do this soon.. i think this is uber fun.. mwah

Shopn'Chomp said...

Oh sh*t,hahahahaha! Where do I begin? Pretty much #1-#8 gave me the giggles! I know no one that "loves" the smell of gasoline. Plus, tell me what this "Filipino drama" thing is all about!

P.S Munchie's adorable!!

C. said...

1,2,5 i relate to LOL. no worries, my bf thinks im bicurious cause i admire beautiful women -.-' hahaha he doesnt get theres nothing wrong with straight women saying another girl is hot!

Kym said...

such generosity! i love it! and the little piglet is soooo cute!

Catherine said...

OMG Munchie is SO CUTE!! And lol @4. You're weird. =P

Shar [X3MZSHAR] said...

hey perv! Lol jk! I did this tag already. but thanks anyways!

those blissful moments said...

your #10.. .same over here =/

lindah said...

awh cute piggy :D and wow laneige products in real life? lucky you! I have yet to see any lolll

who actually finishes the big bottle of polish anyway? I mean don't we like to wear different colors not the same one for like months? I know I personally never finished any nail polish in my life!

I think I used to watch eliza thornberry! But I was scared of shit of animals (even dogs.) not kidding! I think some of my guy friends think I'm a pervert, even my boss thinks I am! lol and it looks like I know how to dance and sing but I can't do it if it were life or death! lol xD you should see my pageant video!

Edna said...

Hi :) How's your Wednesday? :P

OMG Rae360's piggie is so cute! It's my favorite animal! Do you know how much she sells them for? She hooked you up with so many HK goodies :)

Gotta love OPI nail polishes. Waht are the names of the polishes in the mini set?

THE WILD THORNBERRIES! OMG I remember that show... it got cancelled quite early, huh? Donnie the caveman boy, and I forgot the monkey's name. I love talking to my kitties too..

:) Gay strip club? AWESOMENESS !!

Have a great Wednesday :)))

Jasmin said...

Cute piglet!!! OoOo.. awesome new products.. How awesome! Yeahy, for OPI's. What's the "filipino drama? I don't get it.. HAHA.. Maybe.. HAHA.. Don't dance?!?!?! Ahhh.. I love to dance! Shake your hips! hahha. jk.

rae630 said...

yay! piggie made it home! <3

Chomsiri said...

the piggie is so cute!

KRYSTAL said...

hahaah ur so funny cheysser! i loved reading about you & i love the smell of gasoline too!! and btw, ur so lucky you got one of those cute piggies!! they're so cuuute! nd oOOo u got the vaseline cuz of me! hahah let me know how you like it!

Sassy Jadore said...

Hey girl~
Thanks for the lovely comment. =)
Cute name for that cute piglet.
Oh, and I also use that Vaseline lipbalm too along with my other fav. Softlips lipbalm. =)

Denysia said...

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Dana Yoshimizu said...

aww, what an awesome present! Rina's piggies are just SO cute~!

kylie said...

omgoshh what a lovely love package! that pig is super cuute!

*Nehs* said...

LOL about the gasoline smell. me too! :D

Hana aka acutelife said...

oh hi hi there :D thanks for droppin by :D your piggy is super cute, what is it made of?the maker is super creative! i loooveee piggies!! :D

Anonymous said...

lol @3 4 and 7 you are funny and weird ...i hope i have sister like yours, full of joy and wittiness . i luv to laugh!!:)

Anonymous said...

i would to say THANK YOU for your previous comments hihi

i just realized di me minsan nagthank you sayo mean but I appreciate it!

have a great day!peace you!!

Pammy said...

i really like you a lot, Cheysser! not in a lesbo kinda way though. :P you're one hella funny girl.

been buy and stressed lately, will do the tag later.