Monday, May 4, 2009

At last, my dear... you're mine.

YEEEEEES!! I finally have a new phone. After almost 3 whole years, I got myself a new one. My previous phone was a Nokia - so my father thought there was not reason to replace it. But after my phone losing its background light, buttons not working, and un-useable camera ... I bought myself a new one. Yes, me! :)


Say hello to the Blackberry Storm :)
And yes, yes.. I heard of all the bad reviews.
But honestly? I really don't care. I been waiting for so long for the phone since the commercial came out - I really couldn't just switch to a Curve person, over night. Ya know what I mean? So I'm just preparing myself for any problems along the way. I'm putting my phone in my Juicy Couture wallet-pouch for the mean time, until my order comes in for the case.

Included in the picture is my keyboard duster - ain't it cuuuuuute. It came in last night! Yee.

Mmm, I got tagged!
by mzkrystall, chrissy, and donnarence.

Rules: Take a picture of yourself RIGHT now. No primping or preparing. Just snap a picture. Load the picture onto your blog. Tag some people to play.

& just to warn you, I read the blogs when I was at work.
You can really tell that I follow the rules.
I took one picture only, did not choose out of the best.
So here you go, braaaaace yourself!


Oh girlies, please don't comment "it's noooot that bad". One of my coworkers once said to me and another person "you guys look like shit". Prrrrrrrrf. This is my face after going to school from 9:30-6:00pm and then going to work at 11:30pm-8am. It's awesome! I don't bother wearing make up or fixing my hair, because I would rather SLEEP! Wouldn't you? Other than that, from Thursdays-Saturday, I look pretty decent. (Since I don't have class, hek hek hek)

But seriously though, I think I am going to start fixing myself even though I'm exhausted - I heard they are doing laying off some people and I so scared! I was laid off once, and blaaaaah, that was horrible. I was laid off on the phone! And next thing I knew, I was in my car, infront of Kmart, crying and crying....... Someone once said to me "To keep your job secure, you need to show them that you can do more than what you are required to do". & So, we're learning how to speak more Japanese and do housekeeping/engineering/belstaff stuffs!

PS: Stop stuffing tissues down the toilets! You know who you are! It's so gross cleaning after poop, which I don't do, I let the security guard do it. Mwhahahahaha! =D

AND IM SO SCARREEEEEEEED! Alot of the incoming guests from Korea and Japan are wearing their mask to hotels! I don't want to get sick! But in a little bitty way, it would be kinda cool to get it and be a part of this craaaaazy world epidemic. Hmmm...


Since payday is not until Thursday, we made home made mask! I'll do a tutorial on it soon! Just kidding ladies! :) I don't know why we're holding money.... we're just gangster like that. Yo, yo, yo.



MSKRYSTAL, this is for you ;)
Aji-ichi - I love the spicy tuna.


The boyfriend got this for me.
He knows how big of a sweet tooth that I have.
Cold stone cupcakes, yummmmy!


Random note:
This was before we watched XMEN...
Quite disappointed in the movie!

Oh shut up,
I know you were thinking about it too.


Kitty said...

Ohh man those cupcakes look REALLY good!!!

Cupcake Couture said...

Oooohhhhh, pretty phone, pretty brush, pretty pretty pretty Juicy ahhhh :)

BTW I FREAKIN love those cupcakes, I had one for the first time, DELICIOUS!!!!

I'm jealous you have 6. lol


Shantee said...

eee wow 3 years damm.
at least you have a new phone now.
i dont have yet... :(
its like i want to tell jim hurry baby with getting my phone! lol

K said...


Lemme know what the details are - what time and where I should go!

CHOMSIRI said...

Blackberry Storm! my friend has it n i always play with it!

mzkrystall said...

oOO LOVE THE PHONE, who cares about the bad reviews. everyone is different! hahaha. anyways, omggggggg aji ichi. send me some fan. hahaha! *slobberrr* and those cupcakes look yummy too!! i didnt know cold stone made cupcakes too!? is the icing icecream?!

AbcGrrrL said...

YAY for a new phone. I give you props for using and keeping up with the same phone for 3 years! I usually need to change it out every single year. :)

Chrissy said...

You are hilarious, girl.

And I do agree, I would definitely rather SLEEP if I had a schedule like yours! Your schedule is CRAZY, woman! Your cupcakes look yummy.

I'm jealous of your new phone! :(

JulieMua said...

speaking of new phone I want and need a new one as well! nice phone btw! yummy the food and the cupcakes looks sooo good.. What are you trying to do to me! your killing me and it doesn't help when your pregnant! lol

Mrs.Zeus said...

You're just way too SILLY!
Comgrats on your new phone!!!
I just switch phone as well and its taking me forever---at least thats how it feels like it, to adapt to it.
Hope you're having a great week!

Askmewhats said...

LOL I nearly laughed!!! and I'm in the office! cute post and you really are funny! yay for the new phone! and gosh on the food porn!!!

X3MZSHAR said...

i thought long and hard about getting the storm, but when i played with my cousin's. i was disappointed. idk. its niiiiiiice! but it looks so delicate, haha! how much did you get it for? and are you getting the data rate?!

x_JENNYLYN said...

Cheysser is ballin' now! :) I initially wanted the blackberry storm but it wasn't made for at&t and my plan is AT&T. Zoo I got the iPhone :) I wasn't the one who paid for it anyway hehe!

And ooommmgggg I miss ajiichi sooo muuuch!! Especially the pork Ginger mmmmmmm!! Send me some haha

Jasmin said...

I love cupcakes & cake.. HAHAHA.. Lucky, the storm ! ! ! I wanted that too ! I so want a blackberry. haha.. Everyone has one except me.. HAHHA. I'm stuck with my voyager for a while..

Ida said...

lol at wolverine.
the blackberry's got such a big screen!
and i am so scared also 'cause my mom got got a fever and is now in the hospital, but from what i heard it looks to be asthma-related.
nice eye makeup and cupcakes, yum!
oh i tagged you didn't know you got tagged already :)

che3kychick said...

yay new phone !!!

Mz_Chrissy said...

hi Miss hello kitty :P love u chey & Ceejay said no fair u took the phn back he thought u gave it to him :P man i miss aji-ichi lets go there 4 my bday? oooh & i want sum yummy ice cream cup cakes, tell Ariel my bday is coming up & i want atleast one cupcake :P jk
& no cheysser u cant see wolverine's penis u might want it lol jk see u soon

JulieMua said...

It's getting a little closer.. I don't even feel like I'm going to have a baby within 2 weeks or less.. Thanks for the well wish and I'm crossing my finger that everything will be a smooth ride!

Vonnie said...

Hii hun, I saw you don't have chat box, so I'm gonna write it here :)
I'm giving you an award :)

Sarah said...

Ooooh love your phone!!! The little brush is so sweet!!! I have a Nokia too and it's a piece of CRAP. I have had it barley a year and already it's playing up! Ah well, I don't think phones are really supposed to have such a long life. Ohhh those cupcakessssss my goshhhhh!!!!!!

Anonymous said...


I got a new blog; the last one got deleted by accident .
Hope to see you follow me soon.


Pop Champagne said...

yummy cupcake :) and I LOVE my BB Storm. Yes there are a few bad reviews out there but from day to day use I've never have any issues with it other than that the device occasionally lags when I'm texting. luv it!

Anonymous said...

i need a new phone badly!!! i never really cared about it till now!! errrgghhh!! cupcakes look bomb

Catherine said...

XD at your random note LOL.

Nice phone! I'm gonna get a new one in August, I think. Have to start doing my research lol.

♥ Kendall ♥ said...

Have you thrown your BB Storm up against the wall yet?? I have a love/hate relationship with mine. In the end it's all love.

Anonymous said...

LOL. hehe you are so adorable. cute post.