Thursday, May 7, 2009

Meeting beauty blogger - while tagging and hauling.

I been tagged;

Thank you Vonnie and Chrissy for giving me this award - you two are so sweet :) Now I will be awarding my own honeys.

01. Mzkrystall
03. Shantee (J&S)
04. Kay (Bihadi Diaries)
05. Mrs. Zeus
06. Cupcake Couture
07. Mz_Chrissy
08. Jasmin (Jayxkiss4u)
09. x_Jennylyn
10. Nikki (Askmewhats)

CONGRATS :) Haha. Award your favorites too!

Blogging dinner with the ladies*
Last night, we (Shantee and Sharlene) met Kay. I never thought that I would meet new friends on blogger! Kay was here for a vacation trip, and boy oh boy, she's so lovely! (: We ate at the Tony Romas at the Royal Orchid, then went to DFS - this is where we have all our make ups and such.

I had fuuuuun.

So, I stole some of the images from Shantee. I wish I could take more pictures but my camera is so embarrassing. To tell you the story, I was working at the animal shelter on Guam when I was playing with the dogs and BAM! So much for good karma, huh? But it's all cooool - I'm going to save up now for a new one.


The look that I wore that night - tried to keep it simple. I had work right after =/


Tony Romas: We all got the same order, baby back ribs. Haha :)


@ DFS. WHOA! I look stiff. Yiiiiikes.

So during our adventures at DFS, I got goodies :) You know what that means..



- Sephora lippies were $15.00 for everything.
- Benefit "That Gal" $22.00 - thanks Shar for the 20% discount :)
- Eyeshadow, Hello Kitty candy, and nail polish from Kay. THANK YOU!
- Nail Polish remover and Loreal Eye make up remover from Kmart.
- LA Color Art Decal


- Eco tools from Payless, the powder brush is so soft. Mmmm!
- BCBG slippers from APRIL, just because.

Random talk;
Finals are approaching and I'm stressed out as heck. I have a lot of papers, presentation to prepare for. And honest to God, I am doing a terrible time with my time management. And my job is killing me. I was supposed to spend Saturday with the bestie and go to my meeting with my group in the evening, but it looks like... it's going to be canceled. I have a meeting at work. =( And I don't want to piss them off, I really like keeping my job and the money! Economy is hard. Gotta suck it up. Blaaaaaah.

And I do feel bad that I don't hang out with the boyfriend and the besties as much as I should.

I admit, I get scared to the shits that my boyfriend would get tired of my ambitious ass and leave me. He loves my dreams as much as I do, but everyone has their limits right? *Sigh.

This is what I love about blogger, I am able to just read and write what I enjoy without too much energy. I get tired of talking sometimes, and I feel that isolation is the best remedy from a busy day at work.

The best part of working last night is..


Thank you Marion! The best cinnamon roll on Guam. Cup and Saucer!

So tata - I'm going to watch Scream, I feel like getting scared. Haha (:



mzkrystall said...

awww thanks for the award cheysser!!! looks like you guys had fun... MMmMmmM BABYBACK RIBS! oOO and i love the HAUL! im in love with those l.a. colors art deco polishes!! lol oh and i have that "that gal" primer, and i love it, it smells so lovely........ =] haha.

X3MZSHAR said...

nice haulage! haha! did you get the art deco here on Guam!? Anyways, it was fun that night. like you, i never would have thought id personally meet other beauty bloggers, on Guam that is! haha.

Askmewhats said...

thank you so much for the award!!! i do appreciate it a lot!! *hugs*

girl! Love all your hauls and your shots are soo pretty!

Ida said...

i like your houndstooth shirt :) and wow, big haul! enjoy the goodies :)

Maggie uson said...

awww.. I really wanted to go!!! But my hubby wanted to watch a movie that night. He only had one day off and he was being a silly butt.. Maybe one day we can pull it off again.. I feel bad... But you girls look so pretty!

Anonymous said...

dinner w/the ladies!! i need one of those!! looks like a lot of fun!

Sarah said...

Oh this looks like so much fun was had with the girls!!! Love all your little goodies too, whenever I see hauls I just wanna shop!!! Aw gosh I hope things work out better for you, there really isn't enough time in the day sometimes huh, it sucks. Dont worry I am sure your BF understands :) Scream! I haven't watched that for so long! It used to scare the bejesus out of me lol

Catherine said...

Woo looks like fun!!

And awww, I totally understand about being so stressed out and not being able to manage your time well enough - it's like the story of my life. Just keep doing your best and telling yourself you're doing your best - its' all you can do, right? And don't forget to take out time to yourself. It's very important! Take care!

lindah said...

mmmmm cinnamon roll! :D and I need to get striper polishes for my nails! LOL But I doubt I could make a uniform design on all ten nails xD yeah you should get the OPI and tell me how the quality is :P I'm sending mine one off to someone xD

K said...

I loved getting to meet you too!! I'll do a post when I get back to Japan! Thank you SO SO SO much for the goodies! I've already taken pics but I think I need to edit them a bit more...

I went to payless but didn't find the ecotools... awww...

Cupcake Couture said...

Awww thank you hun! My first award, I'm so proud :)

Nice haulage... I def love the nail deco. I need more of them, they're awesome...


sanniet said...

Hello! ohh you got to meet up with Kay!!! I'm so jealous hehe I want to have more beauty blogger meet ups! They're so much fun <3

Dana Yoshimizu said...

Those BCBG slippers are SUPER cute! <3

Chrissy said...

Wowwww nice haul. :) :) Good luck with your finals!!

Anonymous said...

Hi mszcheysser..=] sorry took me a while to answer back. which song are you referring to? the songs on my playlist are: 1.) paradise city by bossa n' roses, 2.) angel love by samantha james

goodluck with school, love and work.. it can get quite overwhelming to balance everything but you can do it girlie!=]

Chrissy said...

Woooo gave you 'nother award.

kavukz said...

thanks for dropping by my blog.

btw, u babes so lucky can meet each other..i am so so going to Philipine!

Iyah said...

pretty pretty look!!! :)

I didnt know you got the storm as well :) its my 1st Blackberry phone - i hated it. I loved it at 1st but I am so disappointed :( Oh well, can;t do anything anymore :(

We should exchange BB Pins :)

Anonymous said...

honey do get extensions!!! i love it so much!! sexy hair always makes me feel sexyfied!! oooohhh yes!!

mzkrystall said...

mszcheysserrrrr!!!! lol nahh no vids for me, too lazy to do that. rather just post pics ahhaha! anyways, my regular camera is the sony cybershot dsc t70! just use your blackberry to take pics! =] hurry and update ur blog! i miss your postssss!!!

Cris said...

I want a cinnamon roll too >:-(!
Lol, great new stuff :).

Fifi said...

awww you meeting with Kay reminds me of my first meeting with my Japanese online friend I met from myspace. She went to Indonesia to visit me and celebrate her parents' anniversary. Such a lovely memory!

And WOW, your haul makes me DROOL, girl! =)

teeyah. said...

Thanks for the lovely comments, dear :D

Pop Champagne said...

hehe yeah I know what you mean by fomr of ELF's products. They're only a dollar... But I'd rather spend $4 on the same thing but other brand for the quality! :)

Bunnie said...

Hi, there! Thank you for following my blog! To answer your question, I used nail bond glue for the rhinestones on my nails. I used a tweezer to pick them up then dab a dot of nail bond glue to the back side of the rhinestone then placed on my nail. I hope that helps! XOXO

Mrs.Zeus said...

Nice haul-I wanna get those nail art deco soon!
Thanks for the award girlie!

kylie said...

sometimes i get tired of talking to and i just like being alone :) enjoying my 1-on-1 time with myself! haha.. but i lovee ur haul! l.a. nail art colors are awesome! and im using an ecotools eyeliner and its fab!

FuN and MakeUp said...

lovely pictures!! mMmmm the cinamon looks sooooooo good.. im havin sweet tooth rite now damnn these lady dayz! lol

Mrs.Zeus said...

Oh wow!
How come I missed this?!?!
I'm putting up, Thanks!