Saturday, August 15, 2009

The usual blabber + lets play TAG! (:

It's almost over - in less than a week, Summer will come to an end. In a way, I am excited to return because other than Brain Age on the DS, my brain has been on stand by mode. I really do enjoy learning & getting information stuffed into my brain. But on the down side, I'm going to continue working full time while being a full time college student. Meaning? I probably won't have enough time for blogger anymore - especially because last semester was a disaster (In result of going through "what am I doing with my life" phrase. NEVER going back to that). It's my goal this semester to bring up my GPA so I can get back on the Dean's list. Gotta make mama & papa proud! And recently, it's been quite busy at my work. We been fully booked for about a month and more to come. GRRR! When it was slow, I usually used the time to read blogs - but now, blaaaah.

Now how's that for some blabbering? On another note:
  • Watched GI JOE & The Time Traveler's Wife - both was well worth the money! I wouldn't mind watching it again and buying them on DVD.
  • Family is going to the Philippines, next week Thursday. My packages are finally going to be sent. So Donnarence, Golden and Chrissy - be expecting them soon. ADDITIONAL NOTE: Starting on preparing packages for my other giveaway winner.
  • My BFF got hired at Clinique, Macys. I'm so excited for her & all the free gifts that she's going to be giving me, haha.
  • Bought 5 Rimmel Nail Polishes for $2.99! (Yes, I know. In the picture, it shows 4, that's because I take pictures like a 2 year old, maybe even worst.)


Tag (Award) 7 Personality Traits - tagged by Shobe, Thiamere, and Adin. Thank you ladies for giving me something to do! You're the best!

So what is there to talk about? Haha, I hope I don't blabber away.

01. Ambitious & Hard Working - I'm quite cocky in this because it's true. I'm a FULL TIME University Student, with a F/T Job as the Graveyard Front Desk at a Hotel. When I have a goal, I work hard to achieve it. My favorite accomplishment? Being the Senior Adviser for the class after me, in my old High School. About 10 of us went to the Boracay/Manila Philippines for 2 weeks, with ticket and hotel fully paid + Jet Ski, Banana Boat, Transportation paid for, along with Pocket Money. I worked hard for months and months - I had meetings with several sponsors, held fundraisers, e.t.c I'm not going to lie, we had a HUGE help from the student's store. But Woo! That was a tiring experience, I remember all the yelling and lecturing that I had to give. I don't work there anymore, I got laid off the next school year, but got asked again to work there because the following Senior Class (09) was having a hard time raising money - but I was like whateverrrrrr! In yer face.

** Blogger's Note: Some of us in our island hopping trip in Boracay, Philippines.

02. Living the simple life - I would rather spend my Saturday night, watching a movie, shopping and going out for dinner than going clubbing, bar hopping, whatever. I feel bad because it's Guam! Legal age is 18 years old. & I hate saying no when my friends ask me to go clubbing with them. And plus, I can't sing nor dance. For reaaaals! Maybe, I'll get into this when I'm in my 20s and is in the state of California. Mwhaha! *Crosses Fingers*

03. Humorous/Playful - I love to laugh! My favorite channel is TBS because of the nonstop workout on the stomach, that it gives me. I love watching Happy Slip & KEV JUMBA! I love doing pranks! I love joking around. Well you get the point, haha.

04. People Person - I make friends easily. It's easy for me to carry a conversation with someone that I just met. And I am not afraid to approach people, to make the first move to friendship. I may be shy in some areas (like singing, gah!) but not in this! I guess, I learned from my brother. He's sucha easy person to get along with. Most of all, he makes friends that most people won't even bother to say hi to. I just loveeeee humans! Don't you!?

05. Vocal/Opinionated - I speak about my feelings, opinions ALOT. Instead of explaining, here's a list, let me show!

- I hate it when people, I know go to the Military, pretending to be Patriotic. "For America!", they say. But really, they chose to join because they were bored, wanted to travel the world AND thought about the benefits/money that it's going to come out of it. I'm not bashing EVERYONE in the Military, I'm better than that. Because I DO know some people, who joined to do their part. And I do know people, who ADMIT that the benefits was the reason for joining.

- I hate it when people complain, complain about how the status of their life sucks. If you hate what's going on, get your ass up & do something about it! There is no reason to fail at life.

See, what I'm talking about? I don't want to rant on.

..... So wow, I'm done with my 7 traits. For ANYONE who wants to do this, I tag you! I'm tired of linking/tagging - haha, please excuse me.
This POST is quite long already; So I'll continue on another day ;)
What to expect!?
- Japan Day 3 and 4
- Tag "What makes me happy"
and others to comeeee


Zoe said...

Hi..Thanks for following my blog, u have such a lovely blog and sweet personality^^
Love ur picture in the boat..looks so exciting^^

Anonymous said...

hi cheysssss :)

thanks for following my blog.

your plan of making your GPS up, and making it to the dean's list is a very good plan.

and wow... i like your opinion regarding the "military" issue.

have a nice day cheys :)

e.motion in motion said...

Thanks for sharing :D I'm pretty much the same with you on everything hehe~

OMG how was The Time Traveler's Wife???? I am so excited for it! I'm a little halfway through the book and I'm loving it so far, hope the movie is BETTER xD love love love Rachel McAdams!!

Jackie said...

hi cheysser! good luck in your schoolwork and getting back on the Dean's List. You've done it before, you can do it again !^^

You have a great personality. To be honest, I could stand to be more ambitious. Haha, I'm such a slacker. ^^

K said...

Yay! I love learning about you!

xxNikkiDooxx said...

I know right, that dressing's like an all around dressing here in the Phil. ;)

donnarence said...

waah,, summer time is so much fun.. i have not been to boracay,, sucker!! haha i am so damn excited with you package,, it will probably be the highlight for this month for me.. exams make me so depressed.

K.C. said...


Thanks for comment and following my blog, it's very nice to meet you and I am also following your blog now. Thanks for the movie reviews. ^^

I love your tag answers, it's great when bloggers let people get to know them better. I feel you on working working and going to school, I work two jobs and go the college myself and it sucks sometimes haha. I also like staying at home most nights instead of going to bars

I look forward to more updates. I love your blog layout too. :)

rae630 said...

Hey, hun! i'm actually poor cuz i bought all those bags. hahahaha. I'll definitely give you a heads up if i sell some of them. and YES! that is a real picture of me and kellan lutz (emmett cullen). i went to twi-tour in los angeles last may (

rae630 said...

oh! and munchie's girlfriend is on her way to guam. teehee. <3

Askmewhats said...

I am more excited to watch GI Joe with hubby now since you said it's worth it :)

I love reading your tag! :) made me get to know you more :)

Toothfairynotes said...

I share nr. 1 haha... and love the feeling of it!


Kym said...

awww i really wanted to watch the time travellers wife when it came out last night but it wasn't playing at the theater i wanted to go to!! :( booo! glad you gave it a thumbs up though!!

Denysia said...

i know what you mean about school. i'm taking 6 classes this semester! it's going to be hard! but i'm going to try to pass my classes with A's.

Jasmin said...

Boo!! I know, summer's almost over. School begins again.. Awww.. Cute pics & lucky you! Only $2.99! Have a great weekend!

Golden said...

Hi sis!

I know you'll make it. I mean I know you'll be able to make your GPA higher.

Waa, I want to watch GI Joe and The Time Traveler's Wife. I so love Rachel Mcadams.

I'm so excited to receive my package. I know, I've said this a million times, but thanks so much girl!

I like your attitude. Hehe. I believe you're fun to be with.

Have a blessed Sunday!

adin_22 said...

Hey girl thanks for doing this tag...:)

Lulu said...

:( I know! summer is almost over, it's going away way to fast!

KRYSTAL said...

awwww no more blogging from mszcheysser soon?! =[ btw, loved reading ur personality traits.. and im with you on living the simple life! id rather stay at home on a saturday night watching a movie, and either shopping or just eating out with close friendsssss! sounds fuun! lol oh and i love kevjumba and happyslip toOO! haha

Shopn'Chomp said...

"I just loveeeee humans!" it!! Great list :)

Abby Kihano said...

awww i admit cute blog. how do you do the private blog thing? cuz i want one like that XD

Pop Champagne said...

I know what you mean by people who join themilitary and say that they're being patrotic and stuff, but really they just want the money and prob for the education they have they can only afford minimum wage jobs hence they join the army. bleh!

anyways dean's list, impressive!! hehe I never got on that lol! Good luck!

P.S you'd have to send me the link on youtube when you met your fav celebrity!!

lindah said...

yes.. get to crackin` on that schoool work! Blogger will still be here :P Might be a little buggie, but it'll be here ;P I think I'ma give up some blogging time too to concentrate on college ^_^

Cristina [BarbieLuvsMac] said...

cute post :))

Jbreezybaby said...

i know school is almost around OMG uugghhhh... i hate people who complains too! I complain sometimes gota admit but at least I aint a whiny baby just gona cry bout it! LOVE ur tag! haha... i just love getting these tags from people... kinda like a "floss" for ur brain lol.

Hana aka acutelife said...

Helloww darlingg!!oh,gi joe that good?maybe I should go and watch,but all my friends have gone watching it :( I think we should go together :) hmm..I've spoiled my GPA once,but it certainly possible to pump it back to its former glory,I'm sure you can do it. I will miss your bloggings but you must do what you must do of course!just make sure to pay me visit once in a while ok hun, it will make me sooo happy :D

Rin said...

Hello Kitty's cute... but she just doesn't do it for me. I'm not into that sort of thing. I can, however, agree with you on the shopping! I get the biggest rush when I shop.